View Full Version : Ubisoft doesn't/hasn't consider his players in a huge scale very well

11-21-2014, 03:27 AM
Ubisoft has released a game which requires you to play multipayer on huge/great deal and amount of things. of course you can do 7/10 of things yourself, but it is extremely difficult and most of the things don't even have check points. there's no stealth like 2/10 for the stealth mechanics, first assassination mission is EXTREMELY Difficult because you can't go around or find a way to sneak in without getting caught, you have to cause chaos in order to be able to do missions and have actual hand to hand combat, you can't attempt double assassination like the old assassins creed 4. smoke bombs are useless because you get caught straight away, SOME HOW THE A.I is so clever that when you disable alarms the enemy finds out even without looking.
maps are very glichy you fall through and die a lot. come on this is a full finished game don't give that b.s excuse that "it will be patched soon" it's not in its alpha stage people have freaking paid for this game.
people without internet are excluded heavly or people that don't want to play online because the collectibles are restricted to multiplayers, at least have them hidden only to be seen to those who connect online, it's annoying having to see them on the map when you can't even collect them.
very unfair A.I enemies are intentionally put close to each other so you can't sneak on them and kill them one by one, and requires you to get caught WHICH HAS 0 STRATEGY and stealth.
no whistling.. no dragging bodies, bodies disappear very very short period of time. unfair battle 20 people gang up on you, at least either make it extremely difficult to combat loads of people but instead give a very strong stealth mechanism, or reduce combat and remove or make stealth ability very low ffs.
textures/graphics often glich out and don't render/load properly and characters look pixelated straight PS1 graphics.