View Full Version : Forums Down With IE But Accessible Through Chrome

Yoshack Fyre84
11-21-2014, 02:14 AM
I tried to access the forums last night with Internet Explorer and I got a message that said the Administrator Banned My IP Address. Of course I questioned it immediately, they responded saying forums are having issues and ask if that might be it. Try to log into the forums now I get the broken forum screen. For the heck of it I thought I'd try Chrome, and with it I can access these forums just fine, Anyone else experience a similar issue?

Rafe Harwood
11-21-2014, 02:25 AM
Everytihng's a bit tits up right now.

Just hang in there.

Although... ditch the IE sheesh! ;)

11-21-2014, 03:14 AM
Hey Rafe, haven't seen you in a while...back on the old Initiates site. Remember when it was a just buggy mess with all kinds of sync issues?


Rafe Harwood
11-21-2014, 03:51 AM
Hi HD :)

Good to know things haven't changed too much then :D