View Full Version : People At Ubisoft Please Read This

11-21-2014, 12:49 AM
Ubisoft you need to educate yourselves on the meaning of the word "Optimisation", Konami's Metal Gear Solid Ground Zero and Phantom Pain which are both coming to PC have recommended specs of a 760, A 760 !!

And that game looks graphically the same as Unity maybe more polished in certain areas, This is what optimization gets you.

A polished product than can be enjoyed from day 1 but not with you Ubisoft, You release beta versions of your games, P*** off your PAYING customers and then eventually patch the game to look somewhat like a finished product but seeing as it's you Ubisoft it will never be a finished product as your games for some reason are permanently in a beta state.

Now I don't hate Ubi at all infact I have 75 games in my collection all from Ubisoft across various platforms so by no means am I a hater, The complete opposite.

Ubisoft you need to get back to your old ways, There was a time I would see a prince of persia game, Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six etc... weather it was on PC, Playstation or Xbox and not even think about performance issues, Now I have to make a note "Wait hang on Ubi made it, Do I want to wait for the better part of a year after the initial launch for a somewhat playable version of the game ?"

It shouldn't be like that, Talk with your shareholders and the fat cats at the top, You need to take your time with these games and not rush them out just because you have a dead line from the fat old privileged men at the top because this is ruining your reputation, You will be far less hated and well respected for it in the long run.