View Full Version : [ACU] I don't know about anyone else here, but what I think about the mechanics

11-20-2014, 10:26 PM
I'm not that far into the game, the second proper memory in which Arno has his robes (in which I made him look awesome as possible), but other than the odd new feature, like character customization and a neat way to buy new weapons, the game feels like it's all over the place, in a glitchy mess. Compared to Watch_Dogs in which sneaking around and hiding behind corners was easy, in this game you can't walk anywhere without having to really push the analogue stick (getting through endless crowds of people) or push it ever so slightly as to not run. The frame-rate is distracting and bad, this makes me wish there was a setting to make the graphics downgrade to Assassin's Creed 2 just so I can play with increased FPS. The graphics themselves feel inconsistent, I do love how realistic everything looks now but it's made the game-play itself a bit wonky, collision detection is really sensitive (jumping up and down stair-case banisters) and as I mentioned with the crowds of people is just awkward.

Combat is terrible, I can't seem to target enemies and once enemies spot me, I can't escape before dying. I've read tips on how to avoid being shot at, and always having to keep moving, so that might be irrelevant as it's just me, but this kinda makes me appreciate the Connor/Haytham/Edward saga (haven't played Rogue yet but I'm looking forward to it). Needless to say the crowds do not help the combat at all! I might get the hang of it at some point but everything else kinda lets it down for me.

Do you remember that bit in the mission where you have to assassinate 3 guards and sabotage the bell? Well behind the bell, there's a little area with three hut things in it next to a fence. Well, I tried creeping by the fence in order to come up behind the guard protecting it. What does Arno do? Climb up onto the hut thing and attract both guards. If I wanted to do that, I would have held free-run! This is worse than taking away the need to hold two buttons to run and climb.