View Full Version : My thoughts about the game so far...

11-20-2014, 09:42 PM
I rely like the game and the new features you get in FC4 is rely cool and fun, but as always there could be some improvements in some cases...like...

1. The glider pitch back, don't work, it was the same thing in FC3.
2. The FOV option don't work, don't matter to what you set it to.
3. Weapons with just iron sight, reflex sight and red dot should not zoom in, Count the bow in to.
4. The vehicles grip on the different surfaces should be a lot better, like it is now it feels like you are driving on ice.
5. Option to disable the free weapons you get when you capture the radio towers.
6. Remove the press and hold to interact with some things, just to press action key works just fine in all other games so why not in FC?

...well that is some of my thoughts and what i think would enhance the game and game play.

Thanks for a rely good and fun game tho, and keep up the good work!