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11-20-2014, 01:43 PM
Since the ACs set in the Americas involve ships, it's time to find the best ships. The ship's considered are owned by the playable characters( Connor, Edward, Shay and Adewale). Below here is the "specifications" of the ships. Sadly, since I do not own ACIII, so I could not find the Aquila's specs. But here are the specs of the Jackdaw, Morrigan and the Experto Crede.

Hull Armour- 5000
Broadside Cannons- 23 per/side
Chase Cannons - 4
Ram Strength- 4000
Round Shot Strength- 100
Chain Shot Strenght - 65
Mortar- 4000
Swivel Strength- 500
Heavy Shot- 260
Fire Barrel- 600

Hull Armour- 5000
Broadside Cannons - 17 per/side
Front carronades - 4
Ram strenght- 2500
Round Shot Strength- 130
Explosive shot strength- 65
Mortar - 4000
Puckle gun strength- 500
Heavy Shot- 260
Burning Oil - 600

Experto Crede-
Hull Armour - 5000
Broadside Cannons- 21 per/side
Ram strength - 4000
Round Shot strength- 100
Mortar- 4000
Heavy Shot - 260

*All the numbers are of the ship's elite upgrades.

I will go for the Jackdaw... and what ship do you think is best?

11-20-2014, 02:34 PM
Crede is basically Jackdaw with less/cheaper upgrades and color swap. Its (her) ram upgrade is bugged, so it has very weak damage (like an unupgraded ship).
I didnt play Rogue but looks like the ship from it is much weaker. It has comparable regular shot damage but its not what I use. My main tactic in AC4 is to slow down with chain shot, ram and fire heavy shot.
AC3 doesnt show any stats for Aquila, and naval combat itself is quite different. I prefer AC3 for its more realistic approach (chain shot actually damages masts, waves block swivel shots, etc) and the fact that Aquila just looks much better and feels like a military ship. Aquila's in-game power (full broadside damage and total HP relative to enemy ships) is about the same as fully upgraded Jackdaw, it (she) lacks mortars but can hit targets with fire/heavy shot from greater distance, can fire swivels freely and has awesome grapeshot.

11-21-2014, 03:31 AM
In AC:Rogue, The Experto Crede is a lvl 25 brig, when seen through Shay's spyglass. In the AC4 memory, Black Bart's Gambit, a fully upgraded Jackdaw is a lvl 50 ship, stronger than most Men o' War. So, I'm assuming the Morrigan to be lvl 42 and the Aquila to be lvl 60.

Also, the Aquila (French) and the Jackdaw (Spanish) were ships specifically built for war, but the Experto Crede (French) was a slave ship and the Morrigan(British) was a merchant ship, which means that the Aquila and Jackdaw were meant to be stronger than the other ships.