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11-19-2014, 05:58 PM
I haven't played Unity yet as I still don't have a PS4 yet (will be getting one in a couple weeks) but I've been hearing things that kinda annoy/disturb/concern me and would appreciate it if someone could answer a few questions.

1) I've been hearing that you need a smartphone app to not only get certain items but to get 100% completion. Now the former is irritating enough as I've already dumped so much money over the years into these games that I shouldn't have to get a device I don't really want or need just to access a few items that are already on the disc I paid for. Just out of curiosity, as I don't have a smart phone, where does one buy this app and how does it link to the game? And is it a mini-game itself or what?

2) What are these Club Competitions I'm hearing about? Are they like the Community Challenges from AC4 that were universally reviled by one and all, including myself? Where you can't get certain items unless you participate in some dumb contest? If that's the case would someone mind adding me to one? As much as I didn't like the challenges from AC4 at least I didn't have to buy anything extra to play them. My PSN ID is CDFinnigan and even though I can't play the game yet I will have a system in two weeks.

Seriously though, Ubisoft REALLY NEEDS to cut this s**t out! My enjoyment and ability to complete a game shouldn't depend on other people, buying some lame-*** hygiene products or soda, being able to get online and access a site that hasn't worked properly in any iteration since it started (I'm looking at you Initiates) or owning a device that has nothing to do with the game I just shelled out quite a bit of money for!! And yes, this includes my ability to get every item available in/for the game. Splitting up the pre-order bonuses between half a dozen stores is bad enough, but as they've always offered them up as dlc after a month or two I can let that slide, but all this online networking, multinedia crap needs to go away. Please, Ubi, stop the madness. Between this fecal matter and the yearly releases you're ruining a once great franchise. So, pretty please with an assassin on top, just end the insanity. :(

11-19-2014, 06:06 PM
1. The app is free. You just need any mobile device for it. Not even necessarily a smart phone. And it's not needed AT ALL to play/finish the game or get good gear. In fact, it's very tedious, and the rewards for most of it are meager. Sure, if you absolutely insist on 100% completion, you'll need it. But I have a hunch that will be amended as Ubi is getting a lot of flack over it.

2. Can't help on Club Competitions. They're not active yet.

11-19-2014, 06:07 PM
I would answer but i don't really know because its WAY too hard for me, a player of the series from the start, to understand! which proves your last paragraph!

11-19-2014, 06:13 PM
Things that are accessible only through the 'app', or initiates clutter up the map; unless you're really serious about getting 100% they shouldn't be a game-breaker; but they sure are annoying ... especially cluttering up a map that's already too busy.

As to (1) -- The app is a free download on supported Android, iOS, and Windows Ph. devices (check the ubiblog, I don't have the exact link).
I've been trying to get it to run on an Android emulator on my Linux laptop; the download works fine, it supposedly installs, but it quits immediately.

People have reported success with certain Android emulators on Windows; though that stuff is a little shady, in that like a lot of freebie Windows software, it comes with stuff you don't want; auto-installed toolbars, or worse. I'll try a few other approaches to get it to run on a clean (at least open source) Android emulation; if not, then, to hell with the app; I'm just mildly curious what that 'nomad' things is all about, anyhow.

11-19-2014, 10:34 PM
Regarding the app:

- Incredibly annoying and simplistic yet somehow "needed" to finish 100% and open boxes in-game that seemingly only have outfits in them. It only seems of use to those interested in appearances.
- Ridiculously battery draining on my phone, especially when synced with the game. (Does the app really need to show me I have little red dots chasing after me while I'm playing?)
- Glyph puzzles and sending assassins on missions seems rather reminiscence of AC:Brotherhood (which I enjoyed) but I'd much rather it be included in the actual game. Leaving the app completely useless I know but that's kinda the point I'm making.
- "Premium Version" Does it actually do anything? Or just give you a gold star stamped on your forehead?
- I cant seem to successfully close the game using the phones "back" button I have to crash it everytime. Not sure if this would be a phone issue or an app issue but I have no problems using the same button for everything else.

Regarding the game itself (PS4)

- So far I have been lucky enough not to have any major (or even minor) bugs/glitches except for one assassins mission and one murder mystery not ticking over.
The above was fixed by starting another and returning back to it.
- Having to "unlock" skills that should be standard assassin skills. Double assassination + Double air assassination (SEPERATELY)? Basic lock picking skill? Ability to roll out of a fall?
- FOUR currencies? Just to make things even more confusing... The last of which you have to pay for. Are Ubisoft really that money hungry? All the previous games (to my knowledge) didn't require purchasable currencies. Use this to buy that.. then that to upgrade it.. Bit overcomplicated for simpletons like me :P
- Landmarks. I have quite a few "Landmark"s on my map even though I have (should have?) been close enough for the information to tick over. Makes it rather difficult to solve some of the Nostradamus enigmas.

Online gameplay -

- I personally have only played one co-op mission and that was only because I couldn't successfully cancel it >.<' somewhat rather annoying but nowhere near as bad as my next issue. First it was hold O to cancel.. then the touch pad.. neither of which held still long enough for me to cancel it.
- Why do I have to compete in these club competitions and secondly, what are they? I can see in the gear list that I supposedly "have to" compete and do the co-op missions to even unlock some of the gear.
- When did AC suddenly become all about the multi-player? I can understand that its catering to a world were people want to play with others but I don't understand why it should affect general gameplay. Make the Co-op/club challenges etc seperate from the base game.

Initiates? What, may I ask, the hell is this? More random stuff I have to sign up for or worse yet, pay for? I believe I gave enough money to Ubisoft the day AC:U released here for the game itself AND the season pass which for some reason (They need more money?) which I had to purchase seperately.

I'm quite sure there's more but this brain is running off coffee fumes atm so I will bid you all farewell and bon chance with your game!

11-19-2014, 11:21 PM
I hear you can get the app on windows 8 for the PC as well.

Anyway, to me the companion stuff is pretty cool. Not as cool as Kenway's Fleet, but cool none the less.