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11-19-2014, 05:13 PM
Read this from the bottom up to get the messages in order. ​Is this the standard of support I can expect from Ubisoft?

Wolftooth11/19/2014 3:51:58 PMOh, and as for your comment that you cannot make re-orders, I would have been perfectly willing to re-order myself - had you actually cancelled my pre-order in time for me to do that, so that is your problem, not mine.

Wolftooth11/19/2014 3:50:27 PMThis game came out on the 14TH NOVEMBER. I aked for you to cancel and reorder this game on the 13TH NOVEMBER. You can verify this by simply looking at the date of my original ticket. Unless you are saying I have been counting wrong my entire life to date, and therefore 13 comes AFTER 14, and not before it, you are simply WRONG. Either that, or your company seems to think a game can be not in pre-order before it comes out, even though the whole issue is that you were selling pre-orders for this game at 10 less than I have been charged.


Margaret11/19/2014 2:57:35 PMHI thanks for your reply. as i advised previously your order was not in pre -order at the time and cancellation could not be carried out.I cannot make re-orders. This has to be done through UPLAY shop.

Wolftooth11/19/2014 1:44:37 PMI should also point out that you still haven't explained why I could not preload this, so it seems, of the two issues I raised, you are refusing to fix one, whilst giving me information that indicates you could have fixed it, and simply ignoring the other one.

Wolftooth11/19/2014 1:37:50 PMWhat you have just told me categorically contradicts what you said at 11/17/2014 10:52:26 AM, according to this thread.

So, were you wrong then or are you wrong now?

Either way, it doesn't actually matter - you told me that a cancellation and reorder can be done whilst the game is in pre-order - which is PRECISELY what I asked you to do.

SO DO IT!!!!

Margaret11/19/2014 1:32:25 PMHi thanks for your reply. am sorry but when cancellation was requested it was not possible to do so. I cannot refund . sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Wolftooth11/19/2014 1:23:52 PMNow that you have answered the original question I asked, even if it was after I actually ascertained the answer for myself (I have now checked and you did, indeed, take a total of 64.99 off my card), given that you have specifically said, and I quote, "Order would need to be cancelled while in pre-order and re-ordered from our UPLAY store", and I asked you to do this whilst the game was still in pre-order, and it is only due to a delay by you in doing so that this was not done, please arrange a 10 refund onto my card ASAP.

Margaret11/19/2014 1:12:13 PMHi further to your query. Your order would of been charged at the price given on Pre-order confirmation. I have resent confirmation email.

Wolftooth11/17/2014 7:42:02 PMYour response seems to indicate that you simply did not read or did not understand my original ticket. At the point in time I wrote that, the game was not yet released, but I could not preload it, contrary to the information on your forums, which seem to indicate I should have been able to preload it so that all I needed to do was unlock it when it was officially released. This also means that, at the time I made my request, the game was still in pre-order, yet was showing as being on sale for 10 less than the price it was when I placed my preorder, despite the fact it had still to be released. Now, I have yet to actually check whether it was 54.99 or 64.99 you have taken from my card, but every other retailer I have ever preordered anything from (and I'm not just talking about games either), have, as a matter of course, charged the customer the lower price if the price drops before release, mainly because it is pretty atrocious customer service not to do this, so I will be extremely annoyed if I discover it is 64.99 you have charged me, and will be investigating if there are any legal issues with doing that, as it seems to me that, if that isn't illegal, it should be.

Margaret11/17/2014 10:52:26 AMHI thanks for your query. Your game is showing as downloaded. You should be able to access game in your UPLAY library. We have sent an email confirmation with download instructions. I am unable to cancel order or re-order game for you. Order would need to be cancelled while in pre-order and re-ordered from our UPLAY store.No returns / refunds will be offered for digital products except if we cannot deliver you the game. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Wolftooth11/13/2014 7:24:14 PMThis may be a duplicate - your help system crashed on me and it's not clear if my first attempt at sending this went through.

I have preordered Assassin's Creed:Unity Gold Edition, due out tomorrow in the UK, and have two issues:

1) The information on your forums seems to indicate I should be able to preload this game. I can't. It does not appear on the list of available games and any attempt to open the shop to see if that might allow me to preload it instead simply opens Steam, for some bizarre reason.

2) I was given a price of 64.99 for this. I now notice on your website, this self-same product is suddenly 54.99. Your help system indicates you don't take payment until the release date, so does this mean I will be charged the lower price, given the price dropped before I even got the chance to play this game and before I paid? If not, please cancel this preorder and immediately re-preorder it at the reduced price.