View Full Version : migraine in ps4 assassin's creed unity

11-19-2014, 02:50 PM
i have 2 migraines because the low frame rate of the game.

i spend more or less 100 in a game i cant play because the frame rate.
im shock of the beta tester in this game. fire them.
or maybe im wrong and the game was launched before was finished. 879MB of update say everything.

im impressed with the quality of the game, with the little things in the game the furniture in the game is unique. but its too much for a ps4

Downgrade the game rise the frame rate to 30 min. its useless the game to have in the game a woman washing, its nice but when my ps4 stops
working for a minute... that, was fun..... and when in notre dame the rose window? put a gif and dont make the cpu work and work.
the level of detail is too much for a ps4 or xbox one

the 3d map..... its nice but again more working cpu.... no need.

Choose a 720 and a decent frame rate and not a 900 with a 14 frame rate? sorry guys but travel to paris was nice but its better check the game
and not to put in 900 with a low frame rate.

and the movement of the character has no sense. stuck in walls. running to a door and instead go to a corner and die....
the last game black flag has better movement.

you promise too much but sometimes its better say we cant and put the game in 720 and a 30 or 60 frame rate. my eyes will be better and my migraines will stop.
thanks for your time.

and play it offline to increase the frame rate dont work.

p.d. i bought games in ubisoft for years but this....is the end,i pay for a game who i cant play it.... thats the end. next time i will wait 3 months before buy the game.

11-19-2014, 03:16 PM
3D map is actually handy when you need to see what "level" items are that you're looking for, or investigation zones.

Plus, they're semi-transparent blocks that do not move and have no real textures to speak of. Not that taxing on the hardware.

11-19-2014, 05:33 PM
ok i delete the 3d map. thanks.