View Full Version : Game crash and then cannot sync with my latest cloud save file.

11-19-2014, 04:56 AM

Do you know how much frustration this game ACU is creating!!! I managed to solve the problem by playing offline so that the game can save the game locally in my harddisk. When the save files has been created, I started back online and everything goes smoothly. Game can be save via cloud. But today, the game crash while I have been playing for like 2hour+ and then when I try to replay ACU, cannot sync with cloud again *******s! If your cloud technology is not stable and screw up, just disable the damn thing!

The frustration part is, I've been playing Assasin creeds since PS2 your mother****ers! I love this game but after restarting the game for like 9x because I have to restart from the templar **** episode. I want to play this game but no choice I will have to call it quit and get myself dragon age. I've never been so frustrated to replay a damn game for 9x the whole bloody same thing!

This is ridiculous.