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11-18-2014, 11:52 PM
I have no idea if anyone will take the time to read this but being a huge fan of Assassin's Creed ever since the very first one in 2007, this is my opinion entirely. Assassin's Creed any person, whether you are a die hard fan or not has to admit how successful, interesting, and compelling the story is. But in recent years, Ubisoft has diverged from the main story which was established from the first game through Assassins Creed III. While this angers few, personally i do not mind it at all in the sense that this gives Ubisoft the chance to expand vastly on the Assassin's Creed universe by taking its audience across the world and across different time periods. But, this is where Ubisoft has failed: YEARLY RELEASES! Ubisoft needs to put in the time of more than a year to develop a captivating story and character like they established with Ezio and AC II and Brotherhood. We have not seen a character on the level of Ezio since Revelations which is impossible to replicate Ezio obviously but Ubisoft need to create a character who comes very close to Ezio's level. Arno from AC i thought was a very good character, but Ubisoft failed to develop as much as they could of because Arno is a fresh start, Ubisoft can now take him and go and right the wrongs they had with the Unity story. Regarding the Unity story, it wasn't 'god awful' like many say, personally i thought it was pretty good but not as good as it could have been. What i liked about Arno was his divergence from the Assassin Order to accomplish the goal he set out for and save the Brotherhood from the Templars and Germain no matter the cost. But at the end of Unity, Arno is now a Master Assassin and technically is back in the Assassin Order. Now, if anyone from Ubisoft somehow comes across this which i highly doubt here is advice in order to revive what you created with AC II and Brotherhood: For your next big title, do not release it next year in 2015, release it in 2016 and for a story, bring Arno back and build on him, build on his character and personality to create a relationship between Arno and the player, a relationship we haven't seen since Ezio. Arno is a fresh new Assassin who has the potential to be the next best Assassin you have ever created (Behind Altair and Ezio of course). For a setting, a suggestion to use is Napoleonic Era France/Europe where the player can travel to other cities (including Paris again of course, Paris is by far the best city ever recreated). This will give you the chance to build the relationship between Arno and Napoleon during this time period (before his fall in 1814 and his rise back to power and fall in 1815). Expand on the Assassin and Templar war, in the end of Unity, Arno finally understands the true meaning of the creed and use that as a starting point for his journey and his role in the Assassin/Templar War along with the involvement with the pursuit of First Civilization Artifacts, Temples and such items like that. Do not do away with Arno like you have with Edward and Connor from AC III and AC IV Black Flag, take this character and turn him into something great like i know you can! Unity was a great game, i do not think it was the worst, it had its flaws but so does every other game, but to save the Assassin's Creed series, you need to Build a magnificent story because that's what fans love the most, a damn good story and i know you are more than capable of it.

11-19-2014, 12:18 AM
I think there is room for an Arno sequel... but I'd rather see the series go somewhere else.

11-19-2014, 04:54 AM
His story ended up pointless, nothing changed in the MD story. There needs to be a sequel.