View Full Version : Strange SSAO problem and some minor stutter.

11-18-2014, 11:34 PM
I am having a really annoying issue with SSAO! It makes the game unplayable with this AA setting!
At random points - usually after using the menus - the darker shadows on the screen seem to form almost an "overlay". For some reason it doesn't show up in screenshots either so I don't have an image to illustrate the problem.
I am also having some stuttering issues on top of this - but they are minor. It just seems to be single frames skipped every now and then!
For reference - I am running 2x GTX 680 SLI.

Alongside that I am having trouble with saving - keep ending up back at the doorway after seeing the guy get tortured! I am going to try going in to offline mode and disabling cloud saves to combat this.

Really, really unimpressed with this release. The game itself seems great but the way in which release has been handled is a joke!