View Full Version : No Patch

11-18-2014, 11:09 PM
I see in readme file that the game is on version 1.01, it keeps crashing (even I tried everything except patching) so I wanted to update it to 1.2 (or what the number is for Day1 patch). Unfortunately patch isn´t anywhere on internet and on Uplay there is no option to manually download it, also it doesn´t download it automatically. Only possible way how to interact with game files is the button for check integrity of files...which i did from many reasons many and many times and every time it said everything´s fine....but the game is still 1.01 and still crashing, now even before menu appears. PLease, could you somebody send me direct link to patch file, or tell me how to download it? Uplay is too stupid to have options like these I see.
Have a nice day