View Full Version : REAL Reason Creed/Ubisoft Has Been Disappointing Me, Haven't Heard this Elsewhere.

11-18-2014, 11:04 PM
I have been a big fan of the Creeds for a long time. Since Xmas eve when I got AC1. I loved that game, many like that one the least or skip it altogether, but I still play through everything in it when I go back for another run. The next Creeds have always improved for me too, Ezio's story is one I especially miss today. After that it started going down for me, as Ubisoft seemed to really fire production for the series up.

Connor and AC3 seemed like great potential, the things they wanted to implement (much like Unity) seemed awesome before release. Then when you finally played you realized that's ALL they concentrated on. Yes there are the targets, the assassinations and the collectibles, collectibles........collectibles.....But where were my loved quotes? Where were my amazing characters and Assassins? Connor felt like he never reached his potential. Felt almost held back by the new gameplay. Edward, because YEAH MORE PIRATE STUFF ARRR, that the Creed was almost left out entirely, and when he finally grew up, the game was over.

The gameplay is obviously samey throughout the whole series. Ubisoft, it is, it really is. And I'm sure some of you have to know where the failings are because your chugging these things out every year. It is fun still, for me at least, especially with new finishers and fighting styles but it can get old. Arnos style felt like, because there were so many weapon styles, he only had like 3 moves for each one. But I dont play for the gameplay. Sounds funny. But I played for, and still cling to hope for, the meaning and principle of the Assassin's Creed. There's no way it would keep me otherwise. Without the Creed, its just collectible hunting and the same assassination mission by a new building.

This series started as I finished High school, as I entered adulthood. That was a very hard time in my life. Struggling with major depression, and all the usual stressors of a teen and trying to come to terms with yourself and who you wanna be, I looked up to these games a great deal. The principles the Creeds used to push forward so well helped form a basis for many things I have come to terms with since then. When I no longer believed in the religion I grew up in, these games showed me that you can choose your own beliefs, your own path, and its ok. Its ok because its yours, and nothing is true, everything is permitted. You are given a right to your own truths, your own actions, your own consequences and no matter what anyone tells you, to think for yourself. It showed me there was something higher than myself that didnt seem so far fetched. Cause at the core, the Assassins are just fighting for free will.

Its a game, but all this stuff solidified my mind where I felt so empty and lost. There was something to believe in if, for me, a god was not the answer. I could believe in me, cause I am here and I can choose. Altair, had no doubts, he was the Creed, he showed what it was like to be solidified in your own way even when your own Master and teacher were not. Ezio and his great speeches, showed me what the Creed really meant. That it was not doctrine, but an observation. Connor.....I dont know. He did have a few good lines. But it never really was solid. Edward showed promise towards the end. I'm not so disappointed in his story. It was just a different way to go about an Assassins story I think, maybe just not for me as much. His character was solid, the rest of the Assassins were just kind of a secondary though.

Basically, as time goes on and Ubisoft drills these things out, I am seeing the inspiration go out the door. They implement attention grabbing ideas, but then just spam the crap out of them. Leaving the story closer to the edge. Its just feeling less inspired each game now and it disappoints me greatly. This was something I looked up to. Now it seems they're just grabbing for money. Not all things new are bad. The Initiates site was actually pretty cool when I used it in alpha. The history is also pretty impressive given its a game, I have learned more about some periods in Creed than in any history class.....but I am in america....lol. I love history and hope that stays as well. But if this game goes the way it does, without any speeches like Ezios or the duty of Altair....idk...when it just comes down to different types of chests you probably can't open and a bunch of the same assassination missions by some random npc.....ugh....just is a shame.

Ubisoft I hope you get grilled for these two recent games only because I want you guys to be pushed to do better. This was more than a game series for me and I;m guessing I'm not the only one. And we who are loyal because of that are put off by the current trends and will not stick around for long. There are some good ideas, but if its gonna be the same gameplay every time, the same item grabbing, you gotta at least follow through with the thing your series is named after.

I'm still grateful for all Assassin's Creed has brought, serious stuff as well as the stabbing and wows from a new brutal attack. But if you want to make money off of a game every year (or two) you gotta earn it for you'll be done quicker than you think.

Holding onto hope, Ubi, hope you dont disappoint in the future.