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11-18-2014, 10:32 PM

Hello, I'am pretty new to this forum, I've followed it for a while but never took the time to sign up.
I've been a big fan of AC, since as long as I can remember I've always liked the hooded/mysterious characters in games and movies and when AC got released it was heaven for me.

I loved AC1, AC2 was alright for me even though everyone loves it, I pay more attention to who the characters are, their motives, missions, story etc, Revelations was a really good one for me, it sort of connected Ezio with Altair, the old Assassin Castle at Masyaf, Istanbul it was all really good, I got a great vibe from that game, even though some of the gameplay mechanics were questionable. My favorite was AC III(The most hated). I really got hyped from the marketing before the game got released and continued on playing it with even more hype as each mission progressed. Just the whole forest, bad-*** Assassin-trained-Native-American thing was really awesome for me, even though alot of people complained about bugs and stuff, I can honestly say I experienced only like 5% of the bugs that everyone was talking about. The story was really good, Connor was portrayed really well, as a stranger to the western world, he didn't laugh or get too friendly with anyone, he knew what to do, even the Native American gestures were there, he showed everyone the proper respect they deserve, gave everyone a chance, gave them a calm and peaceful death, he talked to them in their last moments to soothe them, talk them through their problems, see the world as they see it, and give them peace. Even the animals he killed, he respected, offering a sort of prayer to their death, as a tribute to nature.

I honestly enjoyed every Assassin's Creed game so far, I've read the books, played phone games and dlcs, it's a really great franchise. Now these new games have really taken it up a notch, starting from Black Flag, to Rogue and to Unity. I like how Ubi took the time to finish the Kenway saga with a bang, I really liked Rogue, even though it was like a mod for Black Flag, I liked the story very much, especially since you got to see previous characters make an appearance and see how things happened from a different view.

Now onto Unity, first off I'd like to start about the "missing" cinematic gameplay, the gameplay is what you make it, if you run around all the time jumping on every little thing, obviously the game is gonna have bugs and act weirdly because no engine nothing can accommodate to that. I took the time to walk(Literally) through the streets, get on rooftops whenever I needed to, to avoid guards, large crowds(unless I'm escaping from someone or my target is on the ground near the crowd). If you really take the time to for example survey every scene of action in each mission, you can play the game a pure perfection.

Second, the stealth system is not broken, if you pay a little more attention you can perfect it as well, things such as the wall cover worked really well for me, I somehow understand how the system works, I use the R2/RT/RMB to get out of it, people expected it to be like Splinter Cell where you point and click to move from cover to cover, but the game is much harder than that, and for that I love it, it makes you wait, be patient, I sometimes wait like 5 minutes in one position to find a perfect route to pass by guards without ever even being seen. That's all it is patience.

The fighting is really a fresh start, if you are good at it, you can kill as much as 6-7-8 guards(unless you don't dodge guns and get shot down).

The only part where the game is a bit of a downfall is the story, the gameplays we saw at E3 and after were portraying a better story to me personally, the French Revolution is an awesome setting, they could have done alot more, I really expected missions where you rush to save someone from the guillotine, or tail someone from those deep and cinematic Parisian towers they call houses. The game's 1:1 scale is really something they should've taken advantage of, for example tailing as I said before, or just observing a scene, I really like to climb up and just have Arno crouch on the edge and just survey the scene, the houses are so tall, theres a small chance a guard will spot you.

As I said before, the game's story is the only thing that bothers me, the love story could've had us hooked in right away if they paid a little more to it, and there's alot of plot holes in the game, the only thing I really hated is that they said that there's going to be missions where you learn everything about each person you are going to kill like in AC1(For example each memory of a sequence you get to learn something, at at the end of the sequence you kill them), but in Unity, you just read their thoughts(which I really didn't like, I prefer the previous method where you talk to the people you kill), it's just read mind-kill-read mind-kill. One thing I remember where I really wanted to murder an AC character was when we witnessed the Doctor's crimes, where he took homeless people from the streets and experimented on them thinking that he was helping them, even though some of them were and weren't mentally ill, that's what I missed in every AC game since AC 1, where you learn secrets and information on your next target and really start to hate them for their crimes. There's no depth to the characters in Unity, We should've seen Arno's downfall, where he becomes this mysterious, dark character, that throws off the world and the brotherhood(as they said that he didn't really dig into the Brotherhood, because he didn't believe it as a higher calling) Instead we got this happy, Ezio-type of character, who just thew off these one bad liners that no one really enjoyed. They should've put much more effort into the modern time and the pieces of eden in the game, there was little mention of anything beyond the Sword of Eden or the Book, the only thing that was familiar was the Sage, which the game gave us no reason to look for. It was just saying "Arno saw a sage during his Life, find him, that is all". I missed the old feel of the previous AC games, where the characters would see something beyond what they could imagine, such as Minerva or a piece of eden, that is the point where they become Master Assassin's, they have witnessed something beyond everything, which pushes their confidence, personality and motivation to a whole new level. I also missed things such as little cameos by known AC characters, for example Shay(to those who know the reason) and I really believe there should've been a reason to see Connor and have his story finish so that those of us that love him, can finally sleep calmly knowning how he finished the end of his life.

Obviously the coop side of Unity is really well, every single mission is awesome, we have a great Paris, where you can see every landmark from a higher place, the draw distance is awesome, a new level of graphics beyond anything I've seen for a console game(I can only image what it looks like maxed out on PC), the Paris Stories and the Murder stuff was awesome, a new look into AC, there's alot of collectables, the customizaiton is great even though the outfits seem a bit too much for me, with feathers and stuff I personally thing people rarely would wear, I really missed seeing the outfit we saw on the teaser, with Arno wearing a navy outfit with brown leather shoulder and chest pads, as well as gloves, I was looking forward to wearing that but unfortunately I never will. Everything about the game is great, we got a new AC, where you get to pick every aspect of your character's looks, skills, weapons, outfits everything. Please take the time to enjoy it.

A little tip for PS4 users, turn off the connection from Settings>Network>Uncheck Internet Connection and the FPS should really jump into a stable 28-30. And if you are really into a cinematic gameplay, take the time to play the game slowly, realistically and turn off the hud options of you can play that way, imagine as if you were presenting the game to someone or watching an E3 gameplay, where you don't wanna show a gameplay where you just run and jump and don't know which side is left or right.

EDIT : I forgot to talk about the new parkour system, Which I really like, it gives us a great amount of control, I've rarely caught myself mad because Arno didn't go where I didn't want him, and have any bugs, the mechanics we saw at E3 are there, you just need to find the proper setting, such as poles and certain type of drops, where Arno kind of slides down the wall, or the mechanic where he swings off the pole to the side of the wall, that is very possible, just point forward, hit RT/R2/RMB to start swinging and as soon as Arno starts swinging, hit either left or right(to the side of the wall) and use the Parkour Up or Down Button, depending where you want to land, be it a window 2 feet higher than you, or a ledge or some sort below you.
And lastly, the game is what you make it, if you have a mindset where you expect it to be bad and dislike it and do not play it in your own movie-ish type of gameplay, where your character is something much more to you, than sorry but AC is not for you.

I look forward to discussing what I said with you guys, obviously there's gonna be people who don't agree with what I said, and I respect that, everyone is entitled to an opinion and even though some of my words may hurt someone("sorry but AC is not for you"), I really have no intention of arguing or making anyone feel bad, as I respect your opinion, I ask that you do the same of me.

11-18-2014, 10:44 PM
I largely agree with what you've said.

The only thing that really bugged me about the cover system was that you can't sneak around corners while staying in cover. You have to go out, go around, then go back in, which just seems cumbersome.

And I did like the "mind reading" part. The thing that always bothered me about the white room sequences, as much as I liked them, was the I realism of it. In the middle of an assassination he takes time to talk? Also, this way it's more "show" than "tell" which is never a bad thing.

One tip though, you might want to edit your post and put extra white lines between your paragraphs. The way you have it now it just kind of melts into one big wall of text that is pretty hard to read.