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11-18-2014, 09:15 PM
Here's a video that displays several AI issues. Perhaps the devs can have a look :)!

Some of these are bugs I suppose, some of them are my personal preference. To me detection rules should be realistic but then given a fair bit of margin so the player never ever feels cheated.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NL7nYHtIvIY&list=PL4vbGURud_HpAV8zNYN_lEvI FNt3yhil7&index=19

6:20: The guard looking slightly down spots Arno. I can see why this is happening if the old head-to-head rule still applies. However as can be seen in this vid this rule is too harsh with the new cover system. Surely the player feels like he is in cover here.
6:42: Here I don't know why the guard doesn't spot Arno sooner. He's looking straight at him.
7:47: The guard insta spots Arno here, despite Arno's elevated position and standing behind cover (at least the puppeteer indicates you can take cover behind this fence). The guard then acts very confused. He seems to stand in place and do nothing?
8:13: Arno is spotted again from a fairly long distance I feel and also by a guard standing significantly lower.The guard seems to struggle a lot with finding a route up the low bridge?
At 8:27: The guard again sees Arno which seems incredibly harsh as Arno can't see him. Fortunately he's just walking into a wall at this point.
8:33: The guard stares straight at Arno without spotting him.
8:44: The guard screams "You won't lose me" after he has been killed...
8:59: Arno sabotage the bell and gets insta spotted by guards occupied fighting eachother due to a berserk dart. I feel like the game could be more forgiving when guards are distracted by berserkers. I think Arno should be a lot closer for them to spot him in this scenario.

11-23-2014, 11:38 PM
Well, it looks like I'll be the one to revive this thread, because I REALLY enjoy fleshing out gameplay mechanics and trying to implement improvements. I just never saw this thread before (I'm sure it got buried in all of the other pointless, one-lined opinion threads created).

6:20 - This one is disturbing because the player IS in cover. It's not like he was just crouched right next to it; he ENGAGED in cover. And more so, the guard that initially spotted him lost his line of sight, so Arno's silhouette appeared as an EXACT outline of his body, lol.

6:42 - This is like the opposite of what JUST happened. There should be some sort of middle ground between both scenarios. I would have liked to see the guard react accordingly, but not alert other guards since Arno assassinated him almost immediately.

7:47 - There are 2 things I see wrong with this scenario. The first is that the brute who spotted Arno should have been distracted by the beserked enemy and not even noticed him. I've been inside buildings where I beserk an enemy and then can, literally, walk right by the group fighting each other and not get noticed whatsoever. The second is that, like you said, the railing IS coverable, therefore, Arno should not be spotted behind it from that angle (whether engaged in cover or not). BUT, the railing is clearly transparent (guards SHOULD be able to see through it), so why is it even a coverable object? I suppose you should be able to "cover" behind it, but guards should be able to see through the railings, too.

8:13 - Yeah, pretty much ties into the above point.

8:27 - That just seems glitched to me, with that guard in particular for some reason. I haven't watched any of this person's walkthrough, but if you have, do you think that this specific mission might have been a little bugged? Or did you just use this video as good evidence to provide for recurring issues? (I've played the game through, and although I have experienced similar problems, these seem very exaggerated and pronounced.)

8:33 - This is an odd one, but it is not a glitch in any way. If you watch, you can clearly see his body is squarely facing the wall, so that guards line of sight is in the same direction. If you could see him icon on the mini map, you would see his facing towards the wall, away from Arno. What makes it weird is the animation Ubi included in the game of the guards moving just their head to "look around". I'm pretty sure that the code is written so the guards LOS is squared to his shoulders, and not with his eyes exactly. (If you know what I mean...)

8:44 - Just...lol. Little bug, not by any means a game breaking glitch.

8:59 - Yeah, I alluded to beserked guards earlier, which is why I was wondering if this mission in particular could be bugged. What's funny is that the guard who spots him is being doubled teamed by beserked guards. It's not like 5 v 1 and one of the normal guards just so happened to see him.

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11-24-2014, 02:25 AM
My personal "favorite" occurred in Sequence 10.

I was blended in the crowd gathered at the king's execution trying to kill the snipers in the watchtowers. While blended, in the group of like 3000 NPC's, I fired a phantom blade skyward and hit the sniper in the face, nobody saw him die, but EVERY SINGLE GUARD ON THE MAP homed in directly on my position -__- It seems that the phantom blade suffers from the same broken insta-detection rules that the bow did. Kind of renders the purpose of a silent ranged weapon moot; most of the time you can literally just fire a gun and it'll alert less guards than the phantom blade.