View Full Version : Gotten the game data from a friend. Now having problem to install. Need help.

11-18-2014, 09:13 PM
because my internet connection is far from highspeed I went to a friend who has downloaded the game and installed it. Through my experience with the manual install of AC4 I´ve looked at the registry entries of him. Well I couldn´t find anything. So I went home to copy the data into my uplay install-directory (D:\Games\Ubisoft\). Until now everything´s fine. In uplay (after the server were up again) under the Far Cry 4 section the Download button remains and if I start the download i have hoped that uplay starts a "verifying game files" method like Origin and Steam. Well you can think of what happened. I´ve several other constellations but they ended up like the first time (Uplay wants to start the download from the beginning). It seems that Ubisoft changes the install methods alot. Perhaps someone had the same issue and can help me. By the way sorry for my English ;).

EDIT: I´ve figured it out. For anyone who has the same problem. Solution: Get the that folder (theDestinationOfYourUbisoftGameLauncherAKAUplay/data/420) from your friend who has installed it already and put it in the same path on your rig. Then put the data of the game into your default path for uplay installations. If you start uplay now you should have the ability to click on play. Hope that helps.