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11-18-2014, 06:36 PM
So for the last 10 hours me and my friend have been playing together online on Far Cry 4. I joined his game and we have been running around collection items, propaganda items, masks, towers, bases and alot more. We have always been together and close by each other every time we have done something. Now it turns out everything I have done for the last 10 hours has been a waste. A total waste of time. I have non of the towers we have taken together, no maskes, no special items... Just some more money. So now I have to discover the entire map again..... Why did I not get a message about this? That we were playing on HIS save, and I would get nothing in return. It shoiuld be that when we did it tgether, we both got it. Very, very disopointed. Are they going to fix this?

Note to everyone else: Don't waste your time having fun playing with a friend, you don't get **** in return.

EDIT: And yes, it has all the time said I got the process, like my friend. Ex. 4/50 maskes, etc.

11-19-2014, 10:46 AM
Maybe it will get patched?

11-22-2014, 12:05 AM
You actually got a message about this. When you joined the session a big message pops up everytime telling you exactly whats being saved. I'm not defending ubicrap I'm just saying that they didn't make a mistake directly about it. Although it was a bit of a trap if co-op was so very important for you...

11-22-2014, 03:09 AM
By Design.. you can help him but if you join what do you expect? Now have him join you and have that fun all over again. At least you can get a co-op game some of us cannot even get one to work.