View Full Version : Paris story missions bugs

11-18-2014, 05:02 PM
Was doing the Fistful of Duelers. I accepted it.

Bug: No marker came out.
Solution: I logged out. Quit the game. Restart computer. It restart the mission. Marker appeared

Then I moved on to The League of the Crimson Rose

Bug: no more mission appeared. When I open the Progress Tracker I can't even see the description. Just the bars.

Another bug: somehow when I was doing The League of the Crimson Rose and also the Fistful of Duelers... I think my sword somehow switched. I had to reequip the sword after the mission over cause I realized I wasn't doing much damage.


Edit: revert to the previous back up game .. it fixed it. Now the next mission showed up.

BUT... the progress tracker is not showing up. So that already broke before. Dunno when. I only check progress tracker twice or three times since I couldn't go on with the main mission because of another bug.

So far doing side missions and collecting money..buying better gears.

12-07-2014, 08:45 PM
I've got the same issue, accept the mission and it won't track. Restart everything and sometimes it works but when it does I also end up with the 4th dueler (the second one that wishes to fight to the death) becomes invulerable to every type of attack, and both the dueler and the spotter are tagged 'Kill'. I will keep trying. Also I am on the 5th Sequence, 2nd Memory. Assassin title: Enforcer.