View Full Version : Does Anyone Else feel like the Demo's and Trailers for Unity were Misleading?

11-18-2014, 01:55 PM
Those E3 trailers showed a game that felt a lot more cinematic and realistic than previous games. The way the guards and crowd acted were very realistic in the demos. In the real game guards are the usual mindless drones that keep walking those goofy routes. And the crowd never reacts to your actions like that that first demo said they would. They charged with pitchforks like a bunch of crazed revolutionaries in the demo.

Also that reveal that was labeled "alpha gameplay" was crazy awesome. The graphics were insane and the draw distance was like nothing else. There were a lot of particle and smoke effects. And the crowd below looked realistic. It looked almost CG-like. However, I could only noticed small glimpses of this in the final game.

The story had hardly anything to do with the Revolution or the Reign of Terror. It wasn't even a backdrop. I'm a history major, but someone who doesn't know anything about revolutionary France probably has no clue what is going in in the game whenever the story abruptly and vaguely references historical people and events. I know Amancio said that the revolution would be a backdrop, but it wasn't even that. The marketing suggests that the story will be embroiled in the revolution, but sadly the story barely has anything to do with it. The story barely makes sense in itself. The only part that is clear is the relationship between Elise and Arno.

As for the gameplay, there are some improvements but there are a lot of drawbacks. Combat is still pretty easy, and it's just extremely slow and boring.

Basically I feel like the marketing for this game was misleading. I know I shouldn't get hopes up, but they did a really good job marketing the game. I've typically been skeptical of AC since AC Revelations.

And before someone says that by now our expectations should be lower than what the E3 demos show, I'm aware of of this. The problem is that a the demos are the only way of gaining insight into what the game will be like.

11-18-2014, 03:46 PM
Well I hate to sound like the PR rep for Ubi or gaming period but honestly I can't think of any game that was the way it's been shown at E3 other than Mario Sunshine or something similar. E3 is mor of a hype train than anything. It's there simply to build interest in the game. That's why they have those CGI videos. I will agree that I was expecting the co op missions to have a cinematic ending like they showed in the trailers. The one single player misdion they showed does play out as it was shown. Not sure about the others because Im moving really slow through the story.

Speaking of the storyline, I specifically remember someone saying in an interview that they weren't tell the story of the Ftench Revolution. They were telling the story of Arno and Elise which happened to be in the same time period. That is why we get familiar names and places but not so much a history lesson.

As far as gaining insight on future game releases, I watch the trailers for games and say ooh that's cool but it really boils down to watching somebody actually play the game. If you still have doubts then read interviews. Buying games and cars are similar. You can't buy one based on the commercials because they all use the words "all new" and "state of the art."

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Ubisoft perfected the art of marketing the AC series with AC3, so this is nothing new. In many ways, marketing's job is easy. The last 3 games have had cool concepts to get excited about between the American and French Revolutions and the pirate adventure. It's easy to make that look really cool when marketing the game. Too bad the studio themselves have the much harder job of making those concepts work in a polished game that's out in time for the start of Christmas shopping season.

Unity's marketing always felt a little strange to me. They really didn't seem to push it as hard as AC3 or even AC4. There were a lot of weekly trailers, but not much actual info. It felt off, and I think it's a testament to how unfinished the game was.

Typical AC protocol would have been to reveal the game in March and then show the first real public demo at E3. I felt at the time that Unity must not have been in a good enough state to show even to the press in March, which is why they didn't say anything about it until screenshots leaked and their hand was forced. Still, they didn't talk about it much at all until E3, which made me afraid it wasn't far enough along to be shown at the time. I think the final product can attest to that. Even Revelations was far enough along to show the press in time for a Game Informer reveal a month before E3.

11-18-2014, 04:02 PM
You realize that cinematic trailers are almost never actual gameplay, right?

11-18-2014, 04:12 PM
You realize that cinematic trailers are almost never actual gameplay, right?
You didn't understand the post...

My point is that they build this hype only to not build on the concepts they talk about/suggest through such trailers. However, I was specifically talking about the demos. I really don't think I mentioned the cinematic trailer.

11-18-2014, 04:17 PM
Oh yeah.. Don't forget that the game was leaked way before it was ready to be shown. So maybe Rogue was meant to be the game of the year but after the leak theh were pressured to release the unfinished game we know as Ūnity. Probably not reat what happened but a random thought that jumped up while I was drinking my coffee just now.

11-18-2014, 04:21 PM
I'm open to that theory