View Full Version : Session not Connected

11-18-2014, 09:27 AM
OK, so apart from the blackscreens that i have to cntrl-alt-delete through to get to the game screen which is annoying in the extreme i then can't even connect to a game (and i dont even want co-op, i just want single player of the game i spent 40 on). anyone else having this issue??? i have tried closing punkbuster process and i have also checked the product key on the email i got on release and found that it wont let me put another one in, it says i have already redeemed it. any help to make this apparently hooky product work would be most appcreciated

as a side note i unplugged all the usb devices i could, for example my xbox controller ****le, 3d serioscopic device and my 360 lead and it worked, i then turned my controller back on after replugging in the ****le and i have the game up and running. this shouldnt happen with a AAA game but there we go, games are never released complete nowadays are they, i advise everyone having similar issues does the same as i have.