View Full Version : Unity - Uplay actions & rewards craziness

11-18-2014, 09:20 AM
Anyone else thinks they went really crazy with Uplay actions and rewards for AC Unity?

First, the amount of actions and rewards. 4 actions' and 5 rewards' different categories, in each category 4-14 actions and rewards. When this was usually 4 actions and 4 rewards for one game.

Second, MICRO TRANSACTIONS REQUIRED to complete some actions and unlock rewards. This is total ********. What happened to the idea - complete the game and all Uplay actions and earn the exact amount of Uplay points to unlock all rewards?

Third, the nonsense of some rewards. Like 40 points for just 2000 livres? Or 30 points for 1500 Creed points in game? Totally not worth it. What is 2000 when you can earn 10k/20min after renovating Cafe Theatre and all clubs? I'm not complaining, it's +30, +40 points saved for me, but come on, it would make sense if this would be 200,000 for 40 points.

BTW, who else got about 2000 free Uplay points from Unite program? I signed in with friends, I automatically got the first action (Create/join an existing team +500 points) and reward (Sabre of Honour -500 points), but later after I got the PSN key via e-mail and redeem it, I noticed I got free 2000 Uplay points (4x500, for actions 1st/2nd/3rd/4th team member's code redeemed). And the best thing is rewards for Unite program in Uplay costed 500 points each but were not automatically redeemed like the first one (I was interested only in the mission one, I already had better weapon bought in game, but still 500 points for one mission was too much), but I checked today and now they cost only 10 points each. I think AC Unity is the most generous game if it comes to Uplay points. I had about 350 Uplay points, now I have 2500.

For now there is only Nomad points 20 packs (to use in companion app) for Uplay points. If this trend will continue we can assume there will be also some boost packs for Uplay points in the next Ubi games, especially online games like The Crew or The Division. I'm gonna save them for The Division then.

What do you think?