View Full Version : Feedback and Suggestion for Ubisoft [Positive]

11-18-2014, 03:52 AM
Hi Ubisoft,

First of all I must say that your latest releases are great, I played ACU and very impressive with your Co-op mission myself.

One important compliment, my PC spec isn't that high but I can still play your game with medium setting and no FPS drop whatsoever, so basically you exceed my expectation so far. Hats off to the team, great work.

I have some comment mainly on the gameplay, and hope that you'll take my point and improve on a reasonable possibilities.

List of things should get carry onward

Horizontal freerunning, very impressive though, it make the character looks more alive
Customization, really challenge the play style and the gameplay impact should put in account
Co-op mission, no need to explain
Blackbox mission and non-synchronize impact challenge, it really gives the player an option to play, enhance the "open world" title
Combat system, very intimidate, very challenging, basically simply attacking is not enough.

List of things should re-consider

No counter kill, I think if a true assassin can't kill target in one single blow in combat, he's not that good of an assassin
Lockpicking, it's a bit dull, no challenge in these feature, I think the lockpick system in ACIII is wonderful though
Weapon diversity and differentiation, ok, it's cool that you added several category for weapon of choice, but it's seem to be little different in each weapon in the same category, for instance, one-handed weapon category should have the different in speed and range too but not as much as other category, it'll very affect the play style significantly along with customization comparison.
Voice chat system on the Co-op mission should be improve.
Sleep darts, it's great to have more option of the phantom blade.
Running assassination, it's really keeping the flow of the running trip.


Diversity in assassin classes, I know it'll be risky to lose the unique core pillars but think about it, for instance,
Gunslinger class that can only carry couple of pistols with unique shooting animation(like Edward) and wield hidden blade(s), he can carry more ammunition and/or wield the exclusive pistol for this class
Soldier class that can equip any weapon and can boost the stat of the weapon itself(like speed or parry) but can wield only one hidden blade
Specialist class that specialize in stealthy approach including blending efficiency, falling damage reduce, customization on the hidden blade etc.

Customization on Hidden blade itself, so far you have create various types of hidden blade, why not combine it in the customization like Double blade with phantom blade on the left? or Single hook blade?
Counter Kill, like I mentioned, if the assassins can't counter the foe and kill them in a single blow, how can he/she be assassin? counter kill with success rate system should be interesting though and combine it with the customization system, but I'm with you about the consecutive chain kill, not necessary
Dual-Wielding weapon category, I think the real impress with ACIII and ACIV are the dual wielding, so if we can customize it, how great could it be?

That's all for now, please let me know of your thoughts, I really appreciate :)