View Full Version : Co-op level penalties

11-18-2014, 01:47 AM
I was playing a co-op game where the units were glitched and the assassination targets weren't showing up. After around 10 minutes of waiting for them to not show up, I left the game. After leaving though I noticed I dropped from Elite Veteran to Advanced Veteran. I thought it was just a hiccup and I carried on. I was playing another match with a friend, in the match he invited me to join his party which for some reason made me leave the game and attempt to rejoin the game I was just playing, only for it to be full. I at this point had worked my way up to Elite Veteran only to have it knocked down to Advanced Veteran.

If this is your way of penalizing players from leaving matches then it is absolutely ridiculous and needs to be toned down tremendously. At this point I should be an Officer or higher, but I lost a whole levels worth which involved multiple hours of play time. I should not be penalized by losing a level on a co-op mission that may take 15 minutes or so. Tone it down to maybe a couple thousand experience points. It's ridiculous and completely unfair, especially when the game is still riddled with glitches and the only way to get away from a glitched out game without losing experience is to close the application.

I'm seriously hoping you guys do something about this, this is enough to keep me away from co-op missions altogether which completely ruins the game. I know that the game can reach it's potential with some tweaks to it, but do not ruin the game by punishing people in extreme ways for something outside of their control.

Side note too, if you're going to penalize players for leaving the match, leave a message which says "You will lose a level if you quit the mission early, do you still want to leave?". Instead of just surprising us with a level loss.