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11-17-2014, 11:01 PM
Hello all!I just finished the main campaign of ACU,in addition to playing a little co-op and testing at least once each type of side missions.So i decided to share with you my thoughts.Note that i have played all games except from Rogue and Liberation.

The story is really...meh.It had some peaks,but also many disappointing valleys(nice phrase from ign review :p).I fear that is the weakest of the franchise,maybe even weaker than AC3.
It starts great with Charles dorian's death and the sequence in Versailles which resulted in De la Serre's death.The bastille part was also quite interesting,and after that Arno is finally introduced to the assassins.After that,the story builds quite well,full with mystery and intrigue,until around sequence 5 or 6 or maybe 7(the time when Mirabeu dies).By this time,Elise barely plays any role(she only appears in letters,except from the first sequence ofc) and the assassin council has some importance.From then on,the quality of the story starts to deteriote,with a very few glimpses of greatness.I don't believe this is a coincidence.
SoMirabeau dies,which leads to the (short and laughable) mystery and after that to the Bellec confrontation.Honestly,this is the best moment of the game,and one of the best of the franchise.Anyway,after that,even though Arno knows that his main target is Germain,he kills target after target(3 actually:marie,rouille and the other guy),which actually does almost nothing to push the plot forward.Also,he gives no report to the remaining council,which results in his rightful exile.To tell the long story short.the advertised Reign of Terror is minimised to only 1 sequence(!!!!!)and eventually the couple confronts gemain and elise dies.
Many characters are criminally underused,including:Mirabeau,the rest members of the assassin council,de sade,napoleon and especially Bellec.Elise was on screen just for the sake of it for the most part and her death was completely unneseccery AT THAT POINT,although i really felt bad for Arno.All he did was for her,but she was really stubborn.She only seeked for revenge and she didn't care about arno at all IMO.Generally,Arno is likeable,but his character isn't fleshed out enough,while his character progression and the bonds with the other characters are almost non-existent.Finally,the Templars are just above average,nothing special.What bothered me,is that i realised that it wasn't an Assassin vs Templar story,but Arno vs Elise's enemies.For ****'s sake,ACIV explored the creed more than this!!
There are many questions in my mind,which show the low quality of the story and the bad choices of the devs,such as:
Why did the MD assassins chase the Sage,if they wouldn't going to try find his body?
What happened in the end between the assassins and arno?He gets the master assassin outfit and speaks as if he was forgiven at the ending monologue,but nothing is shown to us.Not even a cutscene Ubi?Why?
Why th reign of terror was so underrused?
Why did Arno pursuit the midgame targets and not go for germain ?
And most importantly,why EACH SEQUENCE IS ONLY 2-3 MISSIONS LONG?!?!?!?!?!?!
Overral,i give the story a 6,5/10.It left me want for more,but in a bad way.I still wait for the DLC though.

Gameplay and mission design
Gameplay wise,ACU is a true next gen AC game.Combat is by far the hardest of the series.It is intense and i died many times.Parkour is fluent with great animations and entertaining.Paris is built in way to help that.Stealth has its issues,but overrall it is still the best of the series.
The mssions are well designed,allowing many different approaches.The mod missions offer a completely differnet experience each time.Especially the blackboxes offer the best assassinations yet.Generally,almost everything the devs promised is there.Not really much to say here.Overral 9.5/10

Paris is by far the BEST AC CITY.So many landmarks,interiors and interesting places.The crowds are also great,but not so alive.I mean there are many new interesting NPCactivities etc,but the huge crowds themselves were not that interactive.As i said above it is also built with the parkour in mind.But the french revolution itself felt a little bit underused as a backround.Also,some districts felt less important than others to me.Finally,catacombs and the sewers were not as fun as promised.Overral 9/10

Coop and side missions
Both brotherhood and heist missions offer a variety of approaches,just like the main assassination missions.If you have team members that are willing to play stealthily,the better for you.Also,the brotherhood missions offer some narrative,which is nice,but the fact that all missions are given to you at the same time,regardless of the real date really bothered me.You can be spoiled by that and generally it can really make angry the history "nerds" like me.Overral,it can be really fun,but jothing completely innovating
Side mssions are many in number and varied.The paris stories offer some small narrative,which can prevent them from being repetitive.Murder mysteries can be really intriguing,while the nostradamus enigmas can really get you in your limits.There are also other types of missions,like the club missions which are like the paris stories.Overral,the side mssions are cool,though they may become repetitive if you don't play them in the right way.
All in all,i give this review category a 8/10

Skill progression and customisation
These additions are certainly fun and interesting,but still they did not make a great difference IMO.The skill trees were not as detailed as i thought and the customisation gera and equipment,not only do they feel less varied than expected IMO(although there are many options),but also they are still aesthetical.Overall,i give this category a 7/10


ACU was a game i was expecting for many months eagerly.But,in the end it did not deliver as much as i hoped too.Graphically and gameplay wise it is the BEST of the franchise(well i did not have any important perfomance issues).But the story and the ending,while not terrible,were a real let down.If you are looking for a story-driven game,you won't find it here.But,if you are looking for a great open world AC game,this is your best shot.

So,right now ACU lies at the 3rd place of my ac rankings,behind ACB and ACIV,with the potential to go upwards after i play all the the side and coop missions and ofc the Dead Kings DLC(btw when does it come out?).?I am just sad,because i hoped for an epic storyline....Still,a great AC experience

11-17-2014, 11:49 PM
Best way to put it... great ac experience. It really was! I agree with you exactly.