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11-17-2014, 10:45 PM
Great job guys!
You manage to **** up every single thing you have done :
-ACU- More bugs and issues than i dare to count + saves are gone
-Even companion app
-Assassins's creed Rogue
-Watch Dogs

I hope you see how pathetic that is... At this point EA is damn angel compare to you people. You are selling us half made games for full price and you cant even patch them correctly.

- Not able to progress past Sequence 1 / Memory 3 if you started to play as you were downloading the game WORKAROUND BELOW
What to do?
Allow the game to finish downloading and installing. Once finished, youíll be able to go on within the game. You can check the download progression within your platform. Thanks for your patience.

- For some players, not able to complete Sequence 7 / Memory 3 Confront Bellec Mission WORKING ON IT WORKAROUND BELOW FROM THE PLAYERS
See thread about the issue

What can I do in the meantime?
If playing single player, we suggest that you disconnect from your internet connection (wifi or network cable).It could potentially improve frame rate.

- Graphical and collision issues. WORKING ON IT

- Matchmaking co-op issues. WORKING ON IT WORKAROUND BELOW FOR PS4 and PC
How to join friends in a Co-op game?
Invite a player into your gameworld. NOTE: donít be in a mission, be in free roam.
The player joins.
Manually start a coop mission by going to the marker on the map, or joining the coop mission from the progress tracker.
Coop will work.

- Uplay Services
Uplay Actions & Rewards are not accurately listed as completed FIXED
Uplay Units do not appear as credited at the moment FIXED
Uplay is experiencing intermittent connection issues FIXED <----- Stil doesnt work who you trying to lie to

- Some Unite Program Rewards are not redeemable (comic book & soundtrack) WORKING ON IT

- Spin to Win
Getting an error message on the Spin to Win website FAQ AVAILABLE HERE
Getting an error message when trying to redeem FAQ AVAILABLE HERE

- Ubi-collectibles codes might be invalid when redeemed on http://acinitiates.com/promotions WORKING ON IT WORKAROUND BELOW
What to do until this is fixed?
Please ask a question on our Support site support.ubi.com after login and choosing your platform so our support staff can provide help

- Companion App
Progression reset bug WORKING ON IT
Connectivity issues: WORKING ON IT
ďLost AssassinsĒ bug: if the player started to play on companion 1st, then sync up on a console, player may lose all his assassinís in his companion Nomad Brotherhood. WORKING ON IT
Some app crashes on devices not officially supported WORKAROUND BELOW
​Check if your phone is supported for the companion app: FAQ published on Ubi Blog including list of officially supported devices: http://blog.ubi.com/assassins-creed-...anion-app-faq/

- Initiates
Players cannot access the Assassin's Creed Initiates website FIXED
Uplay WIN services are down WORKING ON IT
Legacy synched data is not showing properly WORKING ON IT
Player get an error message when trying to redeem chests WORKING ON IT

Pure incompetence