View Full Version : AC:U The good, the Bad and the Ugly.

11-17-2014, 09:12 PM
So ill start off by saying what i like about AC:U.

Good Things

1. Combat isn't as easy as the other ACs, There's no counter kill which made combat a lot more challenging when you were being swarmed.
2. Level system was a good idea, i enjoy having to use gear and Sync points to increased your overall level so you can challenge the more difficulty districts of Paris.
3. The Nostradamus enigmas and the armor room puzzles were fun to do, they actually reminded me of Assassins Creed 2 Series with the little traversal puzzles.
4.Paris Stories kept the game fresh so it didn't feel like you were just constantly repeating the same process for hours on end (Like the assassination contracts did in AC4).
5. Phantom Blade was a nice a touch, though the downer with that is any enemy above a level 3 makes Quick shot with PB obsolete (though i enjoy having to head shot enemies with the PB).
6. La Cafe Theatre feature was a good touch, i enjoyed the little missions you had to do to renovate the place (wish there were more missions).
7. The size of Paris is amazing and the crowd rendering made Paris feel more alive (oh and the fact some areas actually let you explore under paris as well).
8. the parts of the game where you had Distraction and assistance optional objectives that really helped out during those missions.
9. Murder mystery missions are probably by far my favorite optional missions on AC:U. I really enjoyed them, but i felt like they could of be executed better with a bit depth.

Bad Things

1. Story, Im sorry but the story to this game was really bad unlike the other ACs. Usually with ACs.. No in fact most games that tell a story, you have this huge build up to a climatic fight at the end, but with AC unity, it just felt like it was just building up and up, then flopped right at the end of the game. Also Story felt rushed and certain things weren't explain. Its like Who the hell is that new chick that constantly calls you "Initiate" all the way through the game?

2. Combat - Yes i know i put this in Good things but it also has its bad things, such as taking out fist fighting, disarming and being able to pick up weapons off the ground. I felt as though having to go to the pause menu, go to customization, change weapons then resume game, just completely took away from the pace and i really didn't like the feel to it.

3. Silly bugs that riddle the games such as falling through the map, the game randomly freezing up due to the FPS becoming absolutely horrible.

4. Co-op - No no I'm not going to complain about them adding co op, just more of the poor execution of co-op mode and the fact it freezes up your game occasionally.

5. They took out whistle and hide bodies!??!?! This is probably the first thing i noticed upon playing AC:U. Ok so i am playing an assassin, i'm supposed to be stealthy, but instead i have cherry bombs that are really loud and sometimes attract more guards then you actually want it to. If i want to lure anything over to my hay stack or hiding spot, i have throw a cherry bomb, which means if I'm in a restricted area with guards around me, i need to get out of my Hay stack, throw a cherry bomb (high chance of getting caught too), then jump back in my hay stack, that doesn't seem very "Stealthy" to me. Also hiding bodies was taken out, WHY?!?!!

6. NPC's lack of reaction to a dead body on the ground was hilarious in this game, in the other ACs if a guard saw a dead body, they would immediately become cautious, draw their swords and start looking for the culprit, on AC:U, they simply just bend down, examine the body, then carry on walking about as if they didn't just see a dead body on the floor in the same room they are in. Maybe enemies in AC:U have gold fish memory when it comes to seeing a dead body.

7. The fact that Certain chest had to be opened by either participating in initiates OR using the companion app. that is rather game restricting in my opinion. Using the companion app to open chests? don't think so, my app wont even sync to my Ubisoft Profile.

8.In game purchases, now i know this optional and you don't have to buy Helix credits, but i really hate this idea. This isn't a Facebook game, ios game or an Android game. So why Ubi is thinking this is a good idea, is beyond me. (I'm thinking about buying Far Cry 4 tomorrow and I'm actually praying it doesn't have in game purchases).

The Ugly -

1. Arno... Arno just doesn't feel like an assassin, its almost as if a civilian on the streets of Paris, walked into the Brotherhoods den and said "OI LOOK HERE, I WANT REDEMPTION NOW GIMME A DAMN HIDDEN BLADE AND A ROBE". I just felt as if Arno didn't have a lot of depth to him and i actually found him very boring. If you compare Arno to the other main characters from the AC series, you will see what i mean about him not feeling like an "Assassin".