View Full Version : My experience below minimum specs - 550 ti

11-17-2014, 08:45 PM
So after an ordeal trying to install the game I got in game and... surprise surprise,

I was able to play, and still am able to play.I'm currently in sequence 3 memory 2 - minor free running bugs, that I could easily work around, it's a bit sloppy this could use a patch, and some mild stutteting but nothing unplayable.

My setting
resolution 1440x900
refresh rate 60hz
vsync off
stretching on
environment quality - high
texture quality - ultra high
shadow quality - high
Bloom - off

keep in mind playable to me is anything above 20 fps, I am getting around 30ish with some stutteting (probably game bug), only crashed once so far because I tried enabling bloom and setting enviroment quality to ultra high :P

I believe that the 550 ti is still quite capable of running this game, and with some patching done and some support given it could very well run this game decently

My rig
intel i7 2600 3.4 ghz
gtx 550 ti - 1gb vram
8gbs Ram

the companion app is a pain in the *** tho...