View Full Version : Major bugs while playing ACU

11-17-2014, 07:43 PM
I am playing Assassin's Creed Unity on medium settings to avoid those mini lags which really ruin the gameplay. I wasn't able to pick a lock level 1 with the level 2 skill!
But I can live with the bad grafik because ACU is a great game.
Well that's what you should think but ACU is bugged as all hell in every aspect.
The best example is sequence 7 memory 3: It cannot be beaten. Another example: Coop.....well actually you will be kicked from every mission because uplay doesn't have any proper server to let us play the game. That's what happenes most of the time.
Right now everytime I play ACU I am just raging because Arno won't do anything because of the bugs or because I am not able to play with friends. I won't play ACU till it is fixed and I would like to give an advice to Ubisoft (If any of them are reading our threads here but i guess that just won't happen.): Don't release games when they aren't finished. ACU would be great but at it's current state is is not even acceptable that we waited so long for this. If anyone has an idea how i can fix the game myself or make it playable atleast please let me know.