View Full Version : Things are needed to be fixed

11-17-2014, 05:50 PM
List of "brilliant" ideas of some designer from Ubisoft,which needed to be fixed:

Chage DISTANCE of all rifles and pistols. Why do i need rifle, if pistol have same range (and its 25 meters) ???!!!! Rifle must have largest distance (at least 30 or 35 meters) !

DISABLE auto removing weapon to the holster and geting it out, because I HAVE CONTROLS FOR THAT !! (for example i will remove my gun automaticly, if table will stand between me and my enemy, regardless on which button i clicked - reload or fire)

(Might be a bug, but doesnt looks like one) Why do i get extra "toughness" points after 9 chapter? i mean, i have same number of health streaks, but in customisathion it tells me that i have half of toughness lane (even when i change all things to the typical Arno stuff's)

Thats all,for now, what's realy doesnt make a sense for me. If you had same questions about this thing, support this thread with you thoughts about this and maybe some of this will be fixed for real.