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11-17-2014, 05:33 PM
The beginning of this game gave me a very good impression. If you played ACII then you remember how we had to wander around with ezio around in the beginning of the game causing trouble and being a funny teenager. You get to do that in this game with Arno too and it's pretty fun. In ACII that funny teenager phase ended when Ezio's family was executed, in this game it ends when Arno becomes an assassin which is a lot more boring and the phase doesn't last as long as ACII.

Playing further into the game I realized that the frame rate dropped down low when I synchronized a viewpoint, whatever no big deal I still have the story to look forward to and the gameplay is still fine right? Wrong, as I kept playing the game got worse, even after the second patch ubisoft released which was supposed to fix stuff. Now the games fps drops down low when I'm fighting, when I'm free running, and when I'm doing basically anything. There are so many glitches, Arno's body goes through the body of NPCs when you stand near them, a gaurd was aimlessly trying to walk into a wall, the NPCs try to chase you through a wall if you are in a different room instead of going through the doorway, the quickshot doesn't work at times, the controls get switched up sometimes (R2 to free run instead of R1 randomly), I even experienced the inability to fight at all because Arno wouldn't pull out his damn sword when I pressed square, so I just kept taking hits. There are so many more bugs too ranging from insignificant to major gameplay ruining ones.

I decided recently, that I won't play the main story until all these bugs and glitches are patched, and I will just do the side missions and try to get all the collectibles. I can't even do that now, because ubisoft decided to put these special chests in the game (yellow and blue) that can only be opened if you level up on the aciniates site for the yellow chests, and play the companion application on your smart phone to unlock the blue chests (and an Altair outfit apparently). This is insulting because it forces the player to do stuff outside of the game to unlock stuff in the game, I'm fine with having external sites and applications articulated with the game but the content these extremities provide should be external as well and not dangled in front of the player's eyes as they play the game unable to unlock them without forcing himself to visit said sites and applications. Regardless, since I wanted to unlock everything anyway, I still used the companion application, but guess what it doesn't work anymore, I unlocked recently I think 3-4 blue chests in the unity game from the companion application as well as a nomad mission, and although the game on my ps4 and the app are perfectly synced and connected the chests nor the mission won't show up on the main game. Thank you ubisoft for forcing me to use an external application to unlock content in the game, and then shoving it in my face that the content won't be unlocked anyway because your application isn't working. Adding further onto that, the companion application is super boring and pointless, the chests you unlock give you such a small award, why would I want to wait 8 hours (that's how long the app missions can be) to unlock a chest that gives me a mere 500-2000 in currency when I can just get an easy 40000 from the income chest at the cafe theatre every 20 mins?

In regard to the side missions that I decided to do instead of playing the main story, they can also be completely ridiculous. I just tried to play one where I was supposed to train this woman so that she could fight and get her stolen home back. I was supposed to parry her attacks so that she could learn how to fight for her home. First of how does parrying her attacks 3 times teach her how to fight? Also while "teaching" her I literally attacked her with my sword like ten times, saw blood come out of her body, shot her with my pistol 3 times and she didn't die. Why because apparently I was just teaching her so I can do anything and it won't kill her? What type of garbage is this ubisoft? Did you not put any though into this? Whatever, I continue playing and I'm supposed to defend her while she is walking to her home, her character apparently freezes stops moving, so I can't follow her anymore. I decide to walk away and do something and come back to see if she wasn't frozen, and when I come back she isn't even there anymore and the mission isn't active anymore either.

There is a lot of stuff they put in this game that I dislike, but I'm not even talking about that, the game isn't even playable because it has too many bugs. I'll wait for their 3rd patch, and if it doesn't fix anything I'm returning/trading/selling this game. Next time an assassin's creed unity game comes out, I'm not pre ordering it or buying it until the reviews are out and the price drops.

11-17-2014, 08:30 PM
Agree, neither will I ever buy Ubisoft's games at full price. They really reached bottom with Unity, and that's the end of the story.