View Full Version : I believe some owes me a ''you were right''.

11-17-2014, 05:13 PM
And by someone, I mean a person. Specifically a certain mod. :rolleyes:


''The PC version of the game is far from exempt from criticism. In fact, in many cases, it's quite a bit worse. However, bearing in mind the lofty recommend specs suggested, it is possible to get a console-beating experience on relatively modest hardware. We paired a Core i3 4130 with a GTX 750 Ti, set PC presets to console equivalents (though we swapped in HBAO+ for a bit of a quality boost) and ran at 1600x900 (900p). In essence we pitted console-level PC tech against PS4 and Xbox One and found that the game ran fairly well. We locked frame-rate to 30fps using Riva Tuner Statistics Server and, cut-scene stutters aside, frame-rates held up in 26-30fps territory. Not absolutely perfect, but a slight cut above the Xbox One experience. Replacing the GTX 750 Ti with a GTX 760 allowed us to raise resolution to 1080p, but we noted that frame-rates were still low in certain areas - the Sequence 3, Mission 2 Notre Dame mission is a real stress test.''

(slips away)