View Full Version : ubisoft how could you (possible spoilers on rogue and unity)

11-17-2014, 03:02 PM
i just finished rogue it was an absolutely amazing game but i also found out they are both connected how could you release two connected games on different platforms? and on the same day?

anyone who bought unity on pc didn't get the full experience including me so why release a prequel to a game on old generation hardware exclusively? thats a prequel to a game on new generation hardware?

odds are most players never played rogue before unity and the experience you intended players to have was ruined for over half of the players story is very important to me as thats what got me hooked on this series

and honestly i think rogue should have been the game was was next gen so far from playing unity i see nothing interesting at all about it not at all like rogue rogue was amazing i decided by chance to give rogue a chance after i read the that they are connected to i quit playing unity and planned to run through rogue to keep me up to speed on the story or how they are connected i hope theres still suprises left to be discovered in the story of unity that are connected to rogue