View Full Version : Co-op Mission Glitching Out

11-17-2014, 02:34 PM
Ok so I'll just get right down to the wire....

My problem is, why are certain co-op mission bugged for example, I've just tried to do a heist and npc guards are invisible attacking you you can't see them on the map nor through eagle vision, also when trying to loot objective chests it says cannot loot whilst conflict nearby when no-one is fighting and we've killed all the guards. Also getting random de synchronization when we haven't failed the mission nor has anyone died.

I'm really enjoying this game (or trying too) I think this game has real potential if it wasn't for all these god damn bugs, I mean how come Far cry 4 has such a smooth release ultra graphics smooth no stutter bugs or glitches, but yet one of your biggest AAA titles is one of the worse releases yet (In terms of bugs, glitches), I know Ubisoft is working on fixing it but I feel heartbroken that one of my favourite games is in this condition. Hopefully Ubisoft can fix these problems fast before I lose total interest in the game.