View Full Version : Disappointed Yet not Surprised Unity was not like the E3 Demo

11-17-2014, 01:54 PM
One thing Ubisoft sort of lied about was using the different factions in the crowd to accomplish objectives. In the demo it shows Arno at a huge protest. He kills a guard and then the crowd goes crazy and storms the guards and the whole palace with pitchforks. However there is never such an opportunity. It's a missed opportunity seeing as how that would have really added to the realism of this simulation of the French Revolution.

Arno and that the other assassins made their way into the palace as the other two assassins took out guards in front of them. Arno even climbs outside as it shows protesters all over the place fighting guards. That demo felt very realistic. It even showed a guard casually walking by as he checks out woman right before Arno assassinates him. It also showed Arno hiding as he observes the main target yelling at guards about controlling the crowd. Also that woman also got hit in the face by a plank thrown through the window by protesters. Another thing that was awesome about that demo was how the guards reacted as they ran to the windows to shoot at the crowd. Arno and the other assassins stealthily dropped in by surprise and assassinated some guards and fought off the others before throwing the target over the balcony and into the crowd, where some heads were already placed on stakes. At the end of the trailer it shows the Assassins overlooking the accomplishment as the crowd cheers.

The other E3 demo shows a single player mission where Arno does an awesome controlled decent from the Notre Dame tower. In the real game it doesn't look as awesome. It shows the crowd persecuting the clergy as soon as he makes it down. Arno then tracks down someone with info in a building where the guards are acting natural. One of them is playing five finger fillet and a couple others are engaged in a realistic conversation unlike the typical chat in the actual game. Arno sneaks his way upstairs unnoticed. In the real game he would immediately be detected and you would get to here that annoying "ding" that redundantly reminds you that you were detected. As Arno makes his way upstairs he takes out a guard and then holds a person with intel to his blade. The camera immediately flows to his face, which is full of detail and personality. He really get the sense that he is frightened.

Arno then leaves and makes his way to his assassination target now that he has the info. When he gets there he sees the target making his way through the crowd with guards realistically making a path for him as he makes his way to the guillotine. Arno sneaks around to the top of the guillotine and air assassinates the target. Some of the crowd cheers the feat while others freak out and flee. The guards don't immediately charge like headless chickens towards Arno, instead there is a sort of realism as they have their guns pointed as if they are a bit dazed at what just happened. Then the three other Assassins from co-op immediately come from behind Arno to support him.

I don't want to generate a hate session here, but the game shown at E3 seemed a lot different from the actual game. Typically the E3 demos for AC games don't generate unfulfilled expectations like this one did. I know there is a such thing as unrealistic expectations, but those demos are what gets suckers like me to buy the games. While Unity was a solid game, it was nothing "revolutionary." I really thought this game would be the one that revitalized the series.