View Full Version : Several issues with the AC games, uplay and ac initiate systems/websites

11-17-2014, 11:06 AM
I love the Assassin's creed games, the Ubisoft team made an awesome work on them (when there is no bugs).

BUT! The Uplay and initiate website for the assassin's creed games doesn't works!

I've been playing and finished most of the AC games but I can only see Black flag and Unity on uplay. AND I can only see the unity game on the initiate website and it doesn't even work properly as it don't give me any XP for succes done! so.. ingame (AC unity) I'm stuck with golden chests that I can't even open! because we need to get XP through the initiate website!

Also I don't like the idea of this system that oblige people to go on Uplay AND initiate website AND the companion App to complete a game.

If even all of them were working properly, but it's not even the case, nothing works! At all!

I honestly think it will be my last AC game.. as I'm more and more disappointed everytime. The truth is, I should be really happy with this game as it's about the French Revolution, as I'm French. But it's to nice, it's not dark enough and not violent and bloody enough. You want to make a game at the time of the most violent and cruel periode of human's history (your words) but it doesn't feel like it.