View Full Version : Question about ACU side mission [spoilers]

11-17-2014, 04:18 AM
Anyone else do the Paris story with the water fountains that apparently make the Devil call out to you? I was really confused by this mission because in the end I still couldn't figure out what the whole thing was about. There's a stupid thing in the game where updates will sometimes overlap other text boxes. I found a note after looting some bodies, but the text was covered by another box and I accidentally clicked the note away before being able to read it. I tried to find it in the database, but it seems the Paris stories aren't included in the case files. I'm assuming someone had poisoned the wells with some hallucinatory drugs, but I never found out who or why those random people were attacking me and what the whole thing had to do with the Devil. Why was the voice calling out to me a man the first two times and then a woman? Very confusing mission.