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11-17-2014, 02:13 AM
I get people get mad when Ubisoft is caught in a lie or when one of their PR people say something stupid, but there's one thing that frustrates me to no end.

Ubisoft has a hilarious over-reliance on second screen and third party functions for their content.

Take Unity for example: Companion and AC Initiates... Remove both of these and you cut maybe 15-20% of the chests/content from AC:U.

Get it through your damn heads Ubisoft. Most gamers don't want that stuff. Stop crippling your most hardcore fans because your system for AC Initiates doesn't track our Sync percentage for past titles properly. Black Flag and Watch_Dogs had the best use for companion apps to-date, but you had to go the extra mile and ended up screwing over your core fanbase with an broken app and in turn, littering our map screens with chests we'll either never get nor want to because of the hoops we'll have to jump through to get them. The casuals that do use them, probably use them for a day or two, maybe slightly longer and then stop.

For AC Initiates, I know for a fact that I beat the single player and got 100% sync on AC2, Brotherhood, Revelations, AC3 and Black Flag (Liberation is something I meant to finish but haven't quite got around to yet). The only thing I didn't do in the respective titles was multiplayer because I had a severe handicap. I'm hard of hearing, so even with headsets on I couldn't hear whispers and similar effects, which frustrated me and caused me to just play single player... And come to find out, I lose out even more because of that. So what AC Initiates is basically telling me now is I have to go back and 100% those games once again? Screw that, I'm only a level 9 because Initiates thinks my highest % completed for AC2 is 43%? No. I got 100% and I have the platinum trophy on PS3 to prove it. I never got the platinum for the rest of the games because of the required Multiplayer stuff. I don't usually care about trophies but you can bet your *** I can prove I got 100% Sync on the past titles just by looking at trophies. I should be around 14 or 15, but again, Initiates either looks at the last save used or looks at which one has the lowest numbers. A total rip off IMO.

Best Solutions:

Companion App
Stop development for it. Let it die. Noble effort, but not what should have been done. Look to Black Flag and Watch Dogs.
Release a patch for Unity converting the Nomad chests into regular or locked chests.
Unlock Altair's Master Robes to all players.

AC Initiates
Quit locking content to AC Initiates.
Decrease the XP needed to level up.
Remove Multiplayer percentage from AC Initiates - Unity's Co-Op is fine since it can be done solo, but competitive MP should never count towards Initiates or Achievements/Trophies.

11-17-2014, 03:03 AM
Damn, I could rant on this piece of cra* 24/7, but you know what my friend... Don't ever bother with it, this game is basically ruined from the DAY 1, and no patch can resolve problems that this game has. Sh*t is just so badly coded, I don't know what they were doing, but sh*t is totally fu*ked up. Wish that I never picked up this game, it's just nerve wracking...