View Full Version : Thoughts on Companion App

11-17-2014, 01:00 AM
I feel that this was a misstep. I know that the idea is that people can continue to play and interact with ACU when they are AFK, like at work, or have IRL things keeping them out of the game. However, I have a couple major concerns with the companion app.

1. You have to go OUTSIDE the game to complete tasks and unlock content INSIDE the game, and it sometimes requires that ACU be running at the same time as the Companion App. For example, there are chests you can't open unless you play the companion app. In AC3, ACL and AC4 you had ship missions that could unlock some content, but it was INSIDE the game.

2. Although the app is free, the premium version is not, and there are some companion app activities where I click on an icon and am told that to play the activity I have to upgrade. I already spent a hundred bucks for the game and the season pass. That should allow me to open every chest and play every activity without having to pay more for items I can see in the game. I know it's only 2 bucks, but I'm afraid to link a credit card to the Microsoft app store because I don't want to select things inside the app only to find out later that those things are pay-as-you-go and end up with a bunch of inadvertent in-app purchases on my credit card at the end of the month.

Maybe you should treat companion app content like DLC and not even have those chests show up unless we choose to use the companion app.

Or, better yet, maybe don't lock content behind the requirement that we use a micro-transaction-dependent app.