View Full Version : AC Unity - Enemy NPCs wonīt join the battle in Restricted Areas.

11-17-2014, 12:44 AM
So Iīm having this issue on PC where I can basicly shoot people in RESTRICTED AREAS without any of the other enemies even noticing, except those standing close enough to see it with their own eyes.

From what I have experienced in previous games, NPCs are supposed to run and raise the alarm alerting the entire area, making everybody pursue you even after youīve managed to go hide.

This issue goes so far that sometimes NPCs wonīt attack even if I go into OPEN BATTLE just in the other room in a house, (a battle with guns blowing off should easily alert 80% of the npcs in the restricted area..)

This makes the game WAY too easy. I donīt even have to sneak when thereīs a house full of enemies, because I know that even if I get detected I just have to finnish of the npcs in the very same room, because nobody will even bother to raise the alarm or see whatīs up when I go all bananas with my pistol.

Some situations get so silly that Iīm literally laughing my *** off. For example; I was in a restricted area, killing 4 people in a room. There were 2 enemys left in the room when I had just one bar of health left, so I ran off 3 feet and hid behind a table. These 2 enemies couldnīt find me (I mean wtf?) and when they lost track of me they just went back to their original business, with the rest of the ''camp'' left with no idea of what had been going on. I then jumped down to the cortyard, shooting 4 people that were standing inside an area shielded off from the other guards by a few bushes, and guess what? The other guards didnīt notice AT ALL, and no alarms was raised WHATSOEVER.

Also, distracting enemies by tossing coins or throwing a bomb doesnīt work either.

Conclusion: Enemy NPCs both in and out of misson areas simply donīt join the battle and pursue, making sneaking unneccessary.:mad:

11-17-2014, 11:35 PM