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11-17-2014, 12:09 AM
[DISCLAIMER: This post is not to bash Assassin's Creed Unity, Rogue, or any other game in the franchise and this post is also not meant to bash Ubisoft in particular despite we all know I have a strong dislike for Ubisoft (my favorite developer) that has been consistent for the past recent years. I loved all Splinter Cell games, Earlier AC games, AC: Black Flag and Revelations especially, Ghost Recon games, and I even had a deep emotional connection with Watch_Dogs despite its bad reputation. Now to make this clear: I Do Love Assassin's Creed Unity. I think it has the pedigree and starting formula for the best possible Assassin's Creed game ever even surpassing AC 2 - AC Revelations with the almighty Ezio. The goal for this post is that Ubisoft will take upon this amazing and oh so stunning formula that ACU is, and that they bring back some of the features we loved, and ultimately make the next game (AND CURRENT GAME) ... Better]

These are not confirmed changes from Ubisoft themselves, but more of a long needed warning to the developers and the drawing boards for the current AND future games in the Assassins Creed franchise.

From the latest installment of Assassin's Creed: Unity, and Assassin's Creed: Rogue there has been many broken hearts and many frustrated fans of the company. There has also been a major letdown in the videogame market specifically with Ubisoft, which has closed some business opportunities as well as funding for the game developer (hence the stock of Ubisoft dropping by approximately 10% within one week). There is a major decline with this franchise as it is and for many people it has even reached the point where it has died due to betrayal, technical difficulties, or simply company hubris. Now this is a fair warning of things you need to change if you plan on having jobs in the next five years at Ubisoft before you effectively eliminate the rest of your fanbase - especially for the PC consumers who you have also betrayed for several years now.

In the following will be a series of lists, just to keep this as quick, effective, and simple as possible.


A level system representing rank
A skill tree
Customizable outfits for characters
A larger quantity of weapons
A new UI (User Interface)
Sneak ability


Character controls
Player powers and skills
(Eagle Vision Pulse) - Timer is changed to this and now has a recharge time
Combat engine (More Info Below)
Cover system, is not manual instead of automatic [much less responsive and incredibly unreliable]
Renovation system - You can still renovate buildings but they are not "businesses" per se, but rather "Social Clubs" or "clubs".
Note - Even if you renovate every "club" your income will increase very little unless you do special missions for each club (as well as the main Faction HQ)
Free-Running Mechanic - you must now use an additional specific button/key to control ascension or descension of your parkour ability
Note - This also includes using the high profile for free-running as a minor change in character control
New and improved, more dynamic and often events within the world of the NPC's (citizens of Paris)


Fluid fighting - Removed counter attack, counter kill, and directional attack as well as block
Whistles (luring)
Automated cover system on corners (see above for further information)
Automated roll on long falls or jumps
Note - this is still an ability that you can unlock via skill tree, but it requires manual input and is extremely unreliable
The ability to choose which weapon you want to use (in previous installments you can choose to only use your hidden blades, knife, unarmed, or heavy weapon)
No unarmed combat
No knives or daggers
Less mission and world map guidance and tutorial - as there is no tutorial for Initiates, Club Competition (not released), Social Clubs, or Social Club missions


-Whistles (luring)
-Unarmed combat / dedicated reliable non-lethal attacks
-A dedicated skill tree
Note - Skill points (Sync Points) are only unlocked from mission and you cannot unlock or upgrade your character by playing the game and exploring, you are forced to do coop and story missions in order to unlock upgrade points. This needs to change so you unlock skill points via playing the game (roaming, assassinating guards, helping citizens, actually being active in combat or stealth much like when you receive Creed Points. No more mission point upgrades, you need to be able to freely receive these points.

-The dedicated skill tree will be more indepth including counter-attack, counter-kill (late game), weapon damage proficiency, item carry increases, climbing (or running) speed increases, and range attack accuracy increases
-Items within the game will be unlocked via the start of the game, so you won't be forced to play online features if you can't play online (no more Club Competitions, and demand for coop missions in order to unlock items for your single player game)
-Further explanation and tutorial guidance (can be deactivated) for mechanics such as Social Clubs, online Clubs, missions within the world (Paris Stories), and the Assassin's HQ
-Automated skills such as falling roll, instead of having to press an additional key/button to activate it
OPTIONAL: Items your character has will reflect the changes in coop so you won't look like an unrepresentation of your equipment to others (what is the point of having fancy nice looking things if no one else can see them?)

Now most of these changes may seem rather big (or small) but most of these changes can actually be implemented in the current installment of games through a DLC or update. Many developers actually add new mechanics to games through DLC and through routine updates, and I more than believe that if Ubisoft knew what was best for them that this is a trend they would start taking serious and they could start off by not only fixing the current bugs with Assassin's Creed Unity - but they could begin trying to implement some of these changes in with updates (such as the whistle lure and the additional tutorial for unguided game elements).

Now this list may change or grow over time, and anyone who reads this and believes a change should be made - then feel free to add to the list and I'll try and do my best on updating the main list according to the suggestions you make.