View Full Version : Bug with missions

11-16-2014, 10:58 PM
Hi, first of all, I'm a fan of all the assassins creed games.

My problems: I have come across several bugs, many already mentioned in the threads such as falling through the ground, and getting stuck on places. However, this other bug I haven't found it on the forums. After completing a mission, it does not allow me to start a new mission (regardless of which one it is) unless I power off my ps4, and then power it back on. After rebooting the ps4, then I can start a new mission, but when I complete that mission, then the next mission won't start unless I power off my ps4 again, and then power it back on once again. It is quite annoying having to turn off and on my ps4 every time just to play one mission.

Has anyone else reported this? Is there a fix? I wasn't able to find the same problem on the forums, but if it is already reported, then sorry for reporting it twice, but I can't find it.

Thanks for any help in advance.