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11-16-2014, 10:11 PM
Warning: The post you are about to read contains copious amounts of *****ing. Reader discretion is advised.

I want to start with this. I like Unity, I really do, it's a broken mess but still fun. But by GOD this game has some of the worst game feel of the whole series. They have weakened the player but in the worst way possible. The camera is a joke, during a fight it stays far to close to the Arno so we can’t see who we’re fighting, never mind anyone behind us, so death comes with no warning.

The combat itself is so unresponsive during a laggy multiplayer match is just luck if you survive it or not. Even in the single player I find that most of the input I have does little, with Arno either just not attacking when I press/mass the attack button, rarely parrying when he should and does the quick shot just work when it feels like it? It almost never works, Arno will pull out his gun, to put it away again, to pull it out again, to put it away again. Then he gets and axe to the face.

And the player gets almost no feedback in combat. The enemy health bar flashes to show when he is going to attack, right? So why does it only show up, like never? I get it so rarely that I have to watch the enemies for signs of attacking. Which is fine, because their attacks are clearly telegraphed with them screaming before they make an attack. BUT with the aforementioned camera problems I can’t see half the enemies trying to kill me.

And before anyone mentions that I just don’t like the game because it’s too hard. I love that they are trying to make it harder. I always hated Assassin’s Creed for being too easy. When I heard that Counter killing and kill chaining was removed I was overjoyed. But with the camera trouble and non-responsive controls in combat, it’s lead to most of my deaths annoying me and being mostly to blame on the game.

I was also going to also talk about the broken climbing mechanic, but I think I’ve over indulged by *****ing already, so I just say this. Every Assassin’s Creed game has being getting better and better climbing mechanics, but this games feels like they’ve just went back to step one and undone all the tweaking over the years to make it feel responsive and fluent.

So with that I can now breath, I’ve seen a lot of complaints about the broken App and Initiates not linking to previous owned games, both of which I’ve suffered from, but I haven’t seen anyone mention how the game feel is terrible. At first I thought it was just me sucking at the game but after talking to friends and people online I see that it’s not me just being crap, though that doesn’t help, but it’s a problem many people have but I don’t see anyone talking about.

P.S. The dual assassination sucks. Fix it. Now.

11-16-2014, 10:16 PM
I agree that it seems way harder to line up an air double assassination now.

11-16-2014, 10:19 PM
Your post doesn't contain copious amounts of ****ing, and you make some very good points, esp. about camera angles and responsiveness.

11-16-2014, 10:22 PM
People really need to specify whether they mean Unity or Rogue.

I assume Unity but it's always confusing.

11-16-2014, 10:30 PM
input lag for offline play is an atrocious
i think they will fix this quickly on next patches, also getting some framerate optimizations should help