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11-16-2014, 08:53 PM
Hello fellow gamers i am makkuro-Asashin or shadow assassin Tranlated i am a big fan of ubisoft games and always have exspected a 10 /10 quality game However since the relase of unity i was excited so excited i saved up 59 pounds for the game at my nearest conveince however i was shocked, Heartbroken and frankly Felt let down. My first impressions were very good however after the 3 rd main sequnce my Game had crashed and arno had been Stuck inside of a hay stack i was very dissipointed however presisted to play some more.
I had gotten to the point of rage and turned off the xbox for the night and noticed how sluggish and framey the game was i had contacted my Gaming buddy and he had stated 'I returned the game and bought rouge'
I said why he had exclaimed Rouge doenst crash in co-op or main misisons i had Thought of returning it my self But had been delcined because of the amount of returns and went home empty handed.
Ubisoft You are a good game company even better than good but! Know when your games arnt ready and know when they are yours faithfully makkuro-Asashin
Also i look forward to the Unity patch if there is one.

Graphics IG | 3/5
Graphics cut scenes| low 4/5
Game mechanics| low 4/5
Lore | 5/5
Authentic | 5/5
My personal Experience| high 3/5
Overal| 23/30 Good! but needs work