View Full Version : Ubisoft losing touch with gamers.

11-16-2014, 07:43 PM
I am not trying to speak for everyone but as an AC fan through and through I have some complaints on unity and was wondering if anyone agreed. I've played and have beaten evey game in the series and honestly have loved them all until now. Here is my list of what makes me dislike it.

1. ALL NEW CO-OP. (If you are going to advertise a game and base its new catch on one thing then make it to where its only co-op on a few side missions its not worth it.)

2. Customizable Assassins. (You can't give us the option then give a very limited supply of items to customize with everyone will look basically the same in the end and kind of gets rid of the whole appeal of it.)

3. No VS multiplayer. (Yes it was getting repetitive but why take a big plus of the game and remove it and replace it with nothing.)

4. Short. (The other games weren't exactly long games but still seemed to have more to them.)

5. Small map. (Some may disagree but the map seems really small very packed with things to do but small how do you go from vast oceans to one city.)

Now besides these big down points throw some uppers in there.

1. Great story. (Don't know about you guys but its hitting all the points of a great story for me with all the goodies to keep interested in.)

2. Co-op. (Loved the idea, hated the execution.)

3. New fighting.(it wasn't amazing but it was new from the slaughter a whole army in one combo thing from before.)

4. Customization.(Great awesome now give me more items so I don't end up looking like every other assassin on the block.)

Now I am not 100% sure if someone from Ubisoft will read this but if they had any love for their fans they would listen to us an improve only by satifying our demands will the prosper. I can't speak for everyone but as for me I am tired of paying full price for a mediocre game I have a short list of games that are must buy for me and AC has just been bumped off of it with this let down.

11-16-2014, 07:53 PM
If you're sick of paying full price for a mediocre game then Unity has to exist. This is their attempt to change things. Unless, that is, you don't want things to change.