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Ginger Webb
11-16-2014, 04:24 PM
I have been a long time fan of the AC series and have played all the major platform games way back since 2007, after playing about 4-5 hours of unity i have found a couple of issues with the game.

The free running mechanic isn't great and the "wall eject" doesnt seem work apart from Arno just jiggling on the wall.

The amount of frustration i am getting from the stealth mechanics is just unreal. how i am no longer able to choose between fighting with my hidden blade, sword or fists in combat feels like a step back, considering this was all possible way back in AC 1. also the fact that i can no longer use a enemie as a human shield is rather missed, although i get that it made the combat way too easy.

It is now so much more difficult to move between NPC's appart from if you just full on run through everyone then they move out of the way,( BRING BACK THE GENTLE PUSH!). The hiding within NPC groups is now so basic with ARNO just standing there like a lemon and not interacting with the offer NPC's like the previous games.

the story also feels a bit meh, to the point where i really dont care what is happening anymore and just want to complete the story rather than understand it.

appart from that the customisation is great, maybe changing facial features would be a good idea for the future games so not everyone's version of Arno is the same in co-op.
Co-op is also amazing and something i have been begging for since AC 2, and the new huge crowds make the city feel more alive. i also love how more of the buildings are interactive but the fact that none of them serve a purpose like previous games makes them feel under valued.

11-16-2014, 04:27 PM
play rogue = problem solved