View Full Version : UNITY always crash at sequenze 2-1

11-16-2014, 01:54 PM
you dare to me UBISOFT !!! ,i got your game at dayone release ...PO since you open the Pre Order seasson....but the game is absolutely SUCKS!!!!

i've issue here ... 3 times i tried to play again ,2 times delete my saves ,but STILLL !!!!!! THE GAME IS STUCK ON SEQUENZE 2-1 after you kiss elise and see the lord de la serre killed ,THE GAME SAVING AND AFTER THAT FREZZING AND CRASH ! ,

and i tried to continue the game .... after startscreen and load the save,the game crash again !!

my soec :

i5 3570k
8Gb of RAM
AMD 7870 Hawk edition

please fix this issue quickly ! ...... and one quote for you UBISOFT "YOU'RE NOT READY FOR NEXT GEN !" :mad: