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11-16-2014, 01:32 PM
So instead of just giving us the rewards, you gave us 1000 Uplay points and then make us buy them? Just asking this to be sure, since I dont wanna spend points when this is possibly a bug, like for example Initiates not syncing properly


11-18-2014, 02:56 AM
I'd like to ask about this as well. This is weird.

On my Team Page for the Unite Pre Order Program, I have all rewards unlocked. However, at first, they were NOT unlocked on my UPLAY page (only the Sabre of Honour). Later, the soundtrack and the mission unlocked on UPLAY, but the heavy pack and the guard pack were NOT unlocked. I submitted a support ticket. After that, the GAMES part of UPLAY became unavailable. However, while doing research for the support ticket, I realized that the Guard Trousers, Razorhead Spear and Armor Splitter Axe were in my inventory. I couldn't find the War Axe (sometimes called elsewhere The Two Handed Weapon), but I figured since everything else was in my inventory, that the rewards must have unlocked.

Then, the other day, I found I had 1000 UPLAY points. I figured it was a bug and ignored it, since I had unlocked the items. However, the GAMES tab in UPLAY is now back up, and it shows The Heavy Pack and Guard Pack are still LOCKED on the Uplay rewards page.

This puzzles me because I have the items in inventory. I know with The Gold Edition of Unity, I already got the Killed By Science Mission. Did I maybe just get the items already with the Gold Edition, and the UNITE Pre Order rewards are just duplicates? Can I just go spend a thousand uplay points now? Or is this a bug and maybe I shouldn't spend those points until it's sorted? Or maybe spend the points BEFORE it's sorted? Lol.

Wat tu du?