View Full Version : My biggest problems with Assassins Creed Unity

11-16-2014, 11:19 AM
I just played ACU for about 6 hours today, and one set of things have stood out.

Why this obsession with connectivity? Why does the game have 2 different connective layers?

The mobile phone app
The initiates

Why is half the game being shared on other devices? I don't even know what the initiates does. I know it's broken right now, but still. They didn't put any of this into the previews (unless i missed it)

To compare it with GTA V if i can, they had one little bonus part where you teach your dog tricks with a mobile app. Even Watch Dogs had a fun mobile app, but that was it, just one thing. Now it's like they've put a whole bunch of extras into a website and an app.

Just from my first impressions, it makes the game less cohesive. Like a game with essential parts put somewhere else.

I am enjoying the game on the whole, and don't feel too let down, but this element seems wrong.