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11-16-2014, 09:11 AM
It's my first time posting, so be gentle.
I've yet to play AC Unity, though it's something I'm greatly looking forward to enjoying in December. As such, it's been a bit weird hearing the mixed reviews, especially concerning the characters having British accents, etc. Any niggles can be fixed, I'm sure, i.e. frame-rate, or collision detection; and from what I see they've been doing a lot to improve it. But it got me thinking about the language, and older generation games with multi-audio selection.
Any chance we might get the proper French audio with English subtitles as an added download? Surely it must have been translated for France, or other French-speaking countries, so please?

11-16-2014, 09:19 AM
The British* accent thing isn't so bad! It actually works really well, and I wish they'd explained this better.

The majority of speech you'll hear from the population is French. They say quite a lot of funny things, especially when they get sarcastic about you walking into their homes. Major NPCs, crime victims and guards get British voices. Audio is especially important in Unity because you're in much more danger (high notoriety at all times), and because you're much more of a policeman this time. You need to be able to instantly discern that there's a threat nearby, or that there's a crime underway that you can intercept. In the case of crimes, the moment you fix the problem, the character goes back to their natural French again.

I had originally intended to try the game in French and see if they have English subtitles, but I liked this so much that I didn't bother checking. I'd say French people are at a disadvantage with this game, because all the voices will be French no matter what.

* British-ish, anyway. Arno is noticeably not accurate, but not wildly off. Élise's voice is almost comical - that is NOT an English accent of any kind, and the vowels are bizarre. It's not as bad as Nolan North's ****-Van-****-esque voices in Batman: Arkham and Shadow Of Mordor, but it's very weird.

[edit] Jesus wept, Automod. THIS guy: http://www.riggsconstruction.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Bert-mary-poppins.jpg